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  1. We all know that Infested Technology is far superior.
  2. MOA takes left foot and draws half of a heart on the ground, then takes Right Foot and draws the other half making a complete heart. Does a quick hop, spreads legs just enough to not make contact with the drawn heart, then does one spin to draw a circle around the heart with both feet. Heart in Circle should appear to glow in MOA's Energy Color.
  3. A lot of what we do feels like it is going unrewarded. No other way to earn Wolf Creds other than hitting certain tiers or going prestige is one of the more major complaints I have about WoS6. I'm not a fan of having an unannounced field boss fight that you have absolutely no time to prepare for the first time around. 1 hour endless missions for weekly are on the much side for me not because of laziness, but because I physically can't do them due to medical issues. Mandatory Friend/Clan requirement is a bit of a problem because people have lives outside of Warframe and sometimes can't play for weeks at a time. There are points during this event where I feel not enough is elaborated on, or that there is something missing making it feel less enjoyable.
  4. Tried to do the MR17 Test. Got ready to slam the Orb, but the game decided that I wasn't looking down enough and I flew off the map. I was almost looking straight down. Tested angles during mission and found that 1 pixel can be the difference between air attack and slam. Not exactly happy right now with the system. Also, going between shooting and melee really quick is nice and all, but I don't like that I have to be so cautious when actually trying to melee lest I get flung off the map at super speed like I almost did when I was ranking the Endura.
  5. I'd like to see how Scythe, Fist, and Sparring Weapons fare with these newer changes.
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