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  1. When things like that happen, it's best to try to trigger the alarm for lockdown while nobody is near the affected door. That usually works for me. Honestly, I think there needs to be a couple more sanity checks for the doors to prevent many of the issues currently present in the game related to them.
  2. Glad I could be of some help. The fandom can be really useful if you are looking for other information like with Affinity here -> https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Affinity
  3. Frames get 25% affinity while weapons get 75% spread between them, so those numbers might actually be right. Did you have a booster active until recently?
  4. I am Operator. Watch me hover inches from the ground and spread dust everywhere. Fear me, Domestik Drone.
  5. She is kind of fun to use, but I do agree that Sol Gate feels a bit weak for all of its blinding glory. Personally, I wish that her animation sets applied that floating effect to other Warframe Running Animations. Also, does anyone else think that other Warframes feet look weird with her animation sets?
  6. I think most of us would say that our internet was perfectly stable. No NNR or hitching occurred when I checked. Logged in pretty quickly as well. If I remember right, I did the Ayatan and the Forma ones back to back because they were pretty quick.
  7. We all know that Infested Technology is far superior.
  8. I thought it was a display bug. I saw that I had something like 13500/10000 I think yesterday, logged off, and logged back in to see 7500/10000 and no tier increase.
  9. A long time ago, we had Stamina that we could either use to run or attack. We also had to equip a Mod for an ability so we could use that ability. Transmute Cores were required to rank mods up, and they were used to fill a functional XP Bar to get to the next rank. For all of the power creep issues. those are systems I do not miss.
  10. Nox is just not fun. Strip armor with Corrosive/Kavat/Shattering Impact, break helmet, shoot in face. If you don't have anything that strips armor, just shoot him in the face with more bullets. He's just a less enjoyable version of Face McShooty at the end of the day.
  11. 10% overall, or 10% of the tier it's in? That makes a huge difference in terms of drop rates.
  12. The only part I partially agree on would be the Energy Rework. Instead of removing Energy Orbs, it would be better to have them increase Energy per second for a few seconds if all frames were to get that. Unfortunately for that argument, Hildryn doesn't use energy, and frames like Ivara that have channeled abilities would be unnecessarily heavily impacted because they rely on Energy Orbs to increase the time spent channeling. As for the suggestion of more Nox. No. We do not need more Bullet Sponges.
  13. I got through MR18 Test just fine a couple of hours ago. Maybe there is something I did differently? I used Frost (not Prime), only used Snow Globe (Ability 3), and killed the enemies with the Ignis Wraith. I didn't pay too much attention to the timer if there was one.
  14. This is quite depressing. I was hoping that the Atmo Systems weren't going to be that big of a problem because I would really like to get to the next rank, but the proven rarity is absurd. By the time most of us have gotten enough Atmo Systems to get to the next rank, we will have earned enough Repeller Systems to hit Instrument and build everything that requires them.
  15. MOA takes left foot and draws half of a heart on the ground, then takes Right Foot and draws the other half making a complete heart. Does a quick hop, spreads legs just enough to not make contact with the drawn heart, then does one spin to draw a circle around the heart with both feet. Heart in Circle should appear to glow in MOA's Energy Color.
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