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  1. I really feel like these changes are just going to make things worse. Permadeath was never the problem. You can drop into a new Arbitration fast enough that it really doesn't matter. The missions taking so long before you get any kind of payout, and the low drop rates for anything decent was the issue, and the only reason why anyone having permadeath mattered: waiting 10 rounds or waves to get your first chance at a reward was the problem. Going 29 minutes and dying after only having 2 rewards was why permadeath was an issue. As long as we are returning scaling to normal, return the waves and timers to normal. Otherwise it's just making a problem more frustrating. This idea of respawn items is a bigger problem than anything in Arbitrations right now. The way you have it set up, even if I don't want to revive someone, if I run across one of these items I'm going to pick it up and have debuffed health. And with the "you have to drop them off all at once" plan you have, I can't even run over to the station to get rid of it. Now, if I want to have my health back, I have to continue the debuff, and make it worse, before I can get rid of it. That's nonsense. At least make them an item that you have to choose to pick up (like the ayatan stars), so that people aren't picking them up on accident.
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