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  1. So the title pretty much describes the issues but for more information I try to play with friends and get constant host migration when ever they are to host, it even happens with randoms. When I’m the host every one gets kicked once and then I must reinvite them and it works just fine as long as we don’t go to relays and leave them. This is also a issues when you wanna do ediolon hunts but then get kicked out from random sqauds and stuck solo. This has been happing for around two months now and forces me to play solo unless I host(I’m aware this isn’t in a bug tab as I can not put in the Xbox bugs as it doesn’t give me the option to select)
  2. Again sorry but I check the drops by watching thirty minutes or by when a message in the twitch chat says something about bags by a bot in the stream?
  3. I have another question how do I know if I’ll get the drops on tennocon stream as I haven’t linked my account before other than a few days ago, as I checked warframe to double check and it said I’m linked, does this mean I’m good to go.Sorry if this is a repeat question
  4. I’ve got a question I had recently (about two days ago)linked my twitch account do I need to relink?
  5. I honestly am not a fan of the reduced or adaptive damage as some people have said as it makes my one weapon along with any others deal little to no damage (yes I’ve hit for zero) i understand it’s to prevent mass farming but when something that was one doing 50 k damage with the help of a frame it feel worthless to do solo at this point. Overall when the have a resistant damage type I get that but it shouldn’t be spread to the point that it makes the weapon you use unusable
  6. @Loza03 thanks for the idea and unfortunately it was not the keys thank you tho
  7. So I was doing a kuva lich mission and thought my Brahma felt weak, this is just on the enemy’s as the lich is resistant to blast, even so I use a mirage with her hall of mirrors augment and have a 480 eclipse bonus, did the Brahma get another nerf or am I missing something, any ideas would be appreciated , Edit so I’ve discovered that my brahmas aoe has greatly decreased from 18k down to 9k did the Brahma get nerfed again
  8. I’m rarely able to load into missions with my friends or randoms in trying to help such as the mission load in timer just keeps spinning and I get kicked, on top of getting teammates mainly in free roam and they leave with no notification or host migration. This in its self is super annoying when you try to run mission but you get kicked and need to be invited back, as well as being host migrated even tho no host has left or was disconnected
  9. I cant sell two weapons the zenistar and a the sigma and octantis any one know why or if it takes up weapons slots
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