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  1. Loading into Cetus just wont work for me, then hosts seemed to abandon the mission and yeah, happyend.
  2. I wonder if eidolons will be doable any time soon...
  3. so new "reload textures for every mob on the screen" feature is not fixed despite being gamebreaking? thats pretty based
  4. Any real bugfixes? no? ok Still 0 fps every time I see a mob on the screen. GG DE.
  5. they do cause problems as well - they instantly "detonate" tether projectile if they're firing at the moment of tether launching
  6. now I feel like these mega stutters are with me all the time even though I'm on dx11 setting in the launcher (does this switch even work btw?)
  7. No idea what have you done but I now have constant lags and 0.5 FPS. Can we make it down to 0.4? That gona be glorifious!
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