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  1. (PS4)xKAIOWAx

    PS4 Plains of Eidolon Update 22.3.5 (LIVE!)

    Im really hope this rewards rebelance means possible Gara drop, because actually is ridiculous
  2. (PS4)xKAIOWAx

    PS4 Warframe Update 22: Plains of Eidolon (+ Hotfixes)

    Ok, let me ask , Gara s available only in market ? Because this drop rate in bounties s absolutely ridiculous
  3. This new focus s terrible , im want play with warframes not as emo operators
  4. (PS4)xKAIOWAx

    Coming Soon: Weapon Balance Pass.

    Synoid Simulor need self dmg too, this changes looks like a buff for me
  5. Yessss, something good , i want forgot last update, hate lunaro
  6. (PS4)xKAIOWAx

    Lunaro Rules!

    Oh God why this game dont focus in ninjas? This lunaro will be the new version of archwing and conclave , nobody play
  7. (PS4)xKAIOWAx

    Building Warframe: Infested Weapons

    A cursed Toxic Katana pls
  8. (PS4)xKAIOWAx

    XB1 & PS4 Operation Shadow Debt

    This acolytes porcentage are decreasing correctly ?
  9. (PS4)xKAIOWAx

    Ps4: Sands of Inaros (18.5.6) Status [LIVE NOW]

    Enter Sandman \o
  10. (PS4)xKAIOWAx

    Warframe Excalibur Dynamic Theme is Now Available!

    Omg, so cool , tnx you all
  11. (PS4)xKAIOWAx

    March 11 - 14th: DDoS, Recovery, and Next Steps.

    Impossible log in on ps4
  12. Wow , we can w8 all this graphics improvement for ps4 and xb1?
  13. (PS4)xKAIOWAx

    Ps4: Sands of Inaros (18.5.6) Status [LIVE NOW]

    Tell me why i had to be a Powerslave I dont wanna die, i m a God , Why cant I live on? ... https://youtu.be/V4U07_4rvbM
  14. (PS4)xKAIOWAx

    Welcome to the New and Upgraded Warframe Forums!

    Really cool indeed , i like dark theme
  15. (PS4)xKAIOWAx

    Ps4: Ring Of Fire (U18.3.1) [+Hotfixes]

    I having problem with new hotfix , he dont download after long time