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  1. (PS4)cldavis3

    TennoGen Round 15 Deadline and More!

    Hopefully the wait will not be two more months for the second portion.
  2. (PS4)cldavis3

    TennoGen Round 15 Deadline and More!

    Great to hear the next round is coming to console but disappointed that this must be split apart.
  3. (PS4)cldavis3

    Coming Soon: Devstream #25

    Will DE ever develop a story or an actual quest for the game. So far all the missions are repetitive and quite boring. They are good for side quest. Many of my friends have stop playing due to the lack of content. Even I only play when a update comes out. Also what was done with earth is nice. It would be good for the rest of the planets to look like everyone is playing on a actual planet.