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  1. Hi, so i started running tridolons for fun and i realized that my redeemer prime was consuming 2 vs charges per shot. After more testing, like changing frame, removing all mods and adding spoiled strike, it always seem to consume 2 charges. My friends said it only consumes one of their charges so im guessing this is a bug?
  2. The stropha uses 1 charge, however it has worse falloff compared to the redeemer prime, so it is harder to use. thx for the advice thou
  3. Removed all mods and only had spoiled strike on, still 2 charges
  4. I've also tested with other random frames i have, doesnt seem to solve the issue
  5. Oh garry still gets his upper limbs 1-shot, harry i have to do a slide into heavy to shoot mid air, but its really good + i have a decent riven for it so preferably i would wanna keep using it 😄
  6. Hmmm, tapping my alt fire button doesnt seem to work, still uses 2 charges .-.
  7. Yes, I tested with both high noon, bullet dance and no stance, all uses 2 charges
  8. So I started running tridolons for fun and I realized that all my redeemer shots were using 2 vs charges for each shot, be it light or heavy attack. However for my friends it only consumes 1 charge, any advice?
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