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  1. Emm, nope, i'm currently playing Destiny and i can say that almost 90% of abilities are useless in end game pve content. Or you get good weapons or bye bye from the squad.
  2. Exactly, and nuke frames are still a thing and no one cares. But ok, guns are the problem "for sure".
  3. So i ask to nerf aoe warframes first, AOE weapons will never be more destructive than a nuke frame. Also, if you don't like to see AOE players in your match just play solo or go to recruit and make whatever you want. Bye.
  4. This would make the skill useless, so no.
  5. The clone stop attacking after a short time afk, you can play wukong first before S#&$posting into the forum. And what you have with that? so are you telling me that bullet jumping the entire map isn't "skiping the content"? your most played warframe is Gauss, Volt and Limbo lmao (please dont enter my missions).
  6. Yes, nerf Excalibur too, they are using it a lot, ouga bouga.
  7. Make another warframes usefull first, Wukong even nuke the entire map just by smashing your empty head into the keyboard.
  8. I hate how this works actually, you need to press the button for 2 seconds to use the second effect/switch, would be great to have extra input keys for this purpose. In keyboard would be like: F1,F2,F3 and F4 for the second ability while in the controller something like "Activate Selected Power" for the selected skill.
  9. In controller we got the option called "Activate Selected Power", would be great to have another one called Activate Selected Power (Hold) so we can activate the hold version of the selected ability just by tapping the key.
  10. Warframe is just too easy to be immersive.
  11. Is it safe to get the mod now? I'm surprised they haven't nerfed it yet. Maybe i get primed shred? What do you think?
  12. Hmm, if this dude see Warframe actually lmao. Good times.
  13. Just nerf melees and thats all.
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