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  1. Would be one of the best VR games so far.
  2. We're not space ninjas or magic soldiers or whatever you call, we are vilains that killed the entire kubrow family to take it and adopt him and make him believe that you are a super hero. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. I mean, more than 90% got the sure footed and i don't see that kind of spam like you say, instead i see tons of nuke frames. This game changed a lot from the tonkor meta.
  4. Just proc slash on impact Grofit? New Rifle Mod: Internal Bleeding Impact Status Effects have a 35% chance to apply a Slash Status Effect (x2 when Fire Rate is below 2.5). Find the Internal Bleeding Mod on new Corpus Railjack Derelict Freightlinkers, Ice Mines, and Orokin Shield Derelicts! New Pistol Mod: Hemorrhage Impact Status Effects have a 35% chance to apply a Slash Status Effect (x2 when Fire Rate is below 2.5) Find the Hemorrhage Mod on new Corpus
  5. I'm still trying to find a good position for shields, but is pretty impossible while toxin exists, if i stay stationary with ancient specter is possible, but with that i could just bring armor + life anyway. Tried Rolling Guard, good option, but some times an enemy ancient just spawn and KABOOM you die, that instant hook HK is bs. I'm just trying to make shield usefull for fun, i like this mechanic, but with that drawback is impossible to bring to a serious mission. Any idea is welcome lol
  6. Unless you find a toxic ancient that instantly shot their hook killing you instantly, i can avoid any kind of toxin damage by placing an ancient specter, but with that i even need to use shields, making shield useless, again. I still believe that toxin shouldn't bypass shields, if you face any kind of toxin unit on steel path you can die instantly. You can work with Vitality + Arcane Guardian only, you have plenty healing sources and we will get another one with Sevagoth. But for shields, you need at least Redirection + Arcane Aegis + Adaptation to work, you don't have anothe
  7. I got it, but what's the point of using shields when building health + armor give you way more benefits without taking the risk of being one shoted? I could agree about the regeneration of shield, but actually we have way more ways to regen health than shield, even your companion can instantly heal you 100% by just attacking the enemy once. I really don't see the benefit of using shield mods in any situation, you can run health build without arcane grace but you can't run shield without aegis for example, shields don't take any advantage over health and if you choose the health path
  8. There are plenty, infested from deimos, normal infested and corrupted represent way more than just "1 hand" count, also, toxin damage on our hands are strong until you fight steel path and eximus units. Anyway, Toxin shouldn't do the work against shield, this is what magnetism are supposed to do.
  9. Would be great if isn't for procs only ><
  10. No, it isn't, 15% will not save you from nothing.
  11. I'm the kind of player that always try to play off meta builds, and i can say that shield mods are a waste of slots, and this is odd. All warframes work well with health and armor, just put Vitality + arcane guardian and if you want even more damage reduction you can put adaptation and you are fine to go no matter the situtation, also, you are blessed with Rage/Hunter Adrenaline and your infinite energy. Now you can select any shield based Warframe, put Redirection + Arcane Aegis + Adaptation which is mandatory for high level content, ok, then you face any toxic unit and surprise! yo
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