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  1. Yes i know its all RNG but ive been running this for a S#&$ ton of runs and am getting more systems than chassis and cannot even get ONE neuroptics even though im supposed to have 70 stacks of neuroptics and 12074 chassis and am supposed to be struggling on systems but yeah what are the drop chances?
  2. Yeah i eventually learned that lol, im grinding tf out of juggernauts to get the recourses for pherlic pods for jordas precept but i keep getting a repitition of 2 recourses instead of the other 2 that i need cuz rng apperantly hates me
  3. if you have it (its been 3 years so idk why you wouldnt) get a Panzer vulpaphyla (a deimos cat companion) then put fetch, link health, and link armor/shields, maul and bite is found from killing kubborow in earth (i recommend E prime) then use you weakest weapon and take off all mods on it then go to earth, find a nest, and hit the nest once and kill the kubborow that comes out of it.
  4. Panzer/ Robotic/Plagen antigen Medjay/Robotic/Ibexan Thos revival builds are hella OP
  5. I honestly feel like there should be more items able to trade because right now its only prime parts/rivens etc and i dont have good enough luck to get formas on relic missions and also a good feature would be to add it to where we can trade fully built weapons, also this is just for me idk if anyone else thinks this but there should be a feature in the trading system where you can trade things that are MR5+ or warframes that are Uranus+, that'd be cool. thank you
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