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  1. Like standard Relic pack or Ayatan statue. I like to to do races and player Yareli from time to time (Both give me ventkids standing), but main thing i can spend Ventkids standing on are related to k-drives and there is little point to buy more than one, meaning that at some point Ventkid standing becomes pointless, and quite quickly if you are not interested in getting all their items. So something like Relic pack would be a great simple addition.
  2. Hi, awesome music person, amazing work you are doing here. I would like to see more Metallica here in list. Any song from these, depending of what can be implemented most closely to original, if that a possible criteria (but looks like you can say that right from start). If none of these can be implemented with remaining recognizable, i can mention other songs. Master of Puppets, the rhythm that plays at 1:26 (or 0:31) Orion. the rhythm that plays at 0:57 King Nothing, the rhythm that plays at 0:43 Cyanide, the rhythm that plays at 0:23
  3. All of these regarding Yareli on Merulina in missions: Parazon mods are not active when hacking Ciphers are not available when hacking Survival: character moves when activates life support Kuva Survival: can't turn Life Support into Kuva harvester Kuva Survival: when client, doesn't get kuva from kuva harvester after first kuva harvester Index: can't pick up points Arbitration: can't pick up tokens from abritration drones Arbitration: can't revive Arbitration: effect of reduced health/shields remains after reviving (not sure why it is even happening considering that you have to dismount for both picking up tokens and reviving, but i only saw it happening for Yareli) And of course, vacuum on sentinel often doesn't working when client. There is also rare bug of losing control over frame after merulina getting destroyed. Game-breaking, but rare and i no idea how to reproduce it ( so far at least).
  4. Type: In-game Description: Theorem arcanes are not working for Yareli on merulina. Reproduction: Have Yareli with one of theorem arcanes with merulina on, secondary kitgun with one of residula arcanes. Kill enemy, randomly spawn a zone, enter it. Expected result: working. Observing effects of theorem arcane with corresponding visuals and increasing stacks in status bar. Observed result: not working. Reproduction rate: always Type: In-game Description: Sentinels and their weapons do not get affinity points (both own and shared) for Yareli with merulina on. Reproduction: Have Yareli with merulina on, and not maxed sentinel or sentinel weapon. Expected result: getting affinity points. Observed result: not getting affinity points. (i know, very informative. but these bugs are simple) Reproduction rate: always
  5. I met this few times already (before recent patches and now again) and always on Veil skirmish missions with voidstorm. Game just doesn't spawn enough fighters to accomplish "kill X fighters" goal and basically breaks mission.
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