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  1. I live in the UK,. My friend lives in Iran. We cannot join the same group. It just states "[name] appears to be offline". This has been happening since the call of the tempestari update. He can join if he uses an VPN or a service like geforce now, but that obviously isnt the best solution so we'd rather not do that as it limits us either way. It also randomly gets bugged and states hes offline and I cant even send him messages sometimes. The analysis tool states everything is fine, but it obviously isnt.
  2. Yeah I think its a bug, there's 2 more topics about this on here and quite a few people are having the issue, hopefully DE recognises this is an issue. Its when you move from the hub world to the freeroam area, or vice versa, it happens on the cambion drift and plains of Eildon as well. The only way to make it work is to travel straight from the orbiter to orb vallis, same with the other free roam areas
  3. I did 20 solo 20 minute runs on Orokin Derelict Survival, i.e Terrorem survival on Deimos, to farm Octavias Neuroptics and it didn't drop once. I then found an article on the forums that stated to put it onto friends only, and it dropped 5 consecutive times at rotation c, one after the other. I believe this is an issue, as probability states that the odds of not getting it after 20 runs are less than one percent. So either I am the most unlucky person in the world, or there is an issue here.
  4. When moving through the door from any free roam hub (eg. fortuna, neckralisk, cetus) to the free roam landscape (eg. orb vallis, cambion drift, plains of eidolon), or vice versa, the all map icons like vendors, caves, location names, ventkid races disappear, leaving a blank map and do not come back unless you travel back to the orbiter. This just makes it annoying to do bounties and just free roam in general.
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