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  1. 13 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

    After the target is captured in Capture missions, the level alert levels will automatically turn off after 1 minute, and enemy spawns will stop after 2 minutes.

    Why, this is what makes missions fun, the spawns. Can we please stop making missions force us to leave maps and speed run? There was nothing wrong with spawns after the capture.

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    bounties have been broken since friday night/saturday morning. Every bounty fails when exiting to plains from the city, further 

    no mobs pop. Gathering is still possible but nothing else.

    I've been waiting for a fix all weekend so hopefully this back end maintenance will fix the problem today. but just in case for some reason that wasn't noted I wanted to reference it. 








    • Adjusted the hitbox size of some of the Grineer units’ shoulder pads so that they don’t block headshots.

    thank you from the bottom of my heart. Of all the updates in this weeks list this to me is the best news. 

    yes, there will be headshots.

  3. Well, here it is, Ash rework in the system. 

    What I like about it:

    teleport- I can target an exploding barrel, fan or object that can be destroyed and teleport to it

    what I don't get-

    Bladestorm- can target enemies by pressing 4 once, which does work, it is smooth and fluid allowing me mobility while setting up my target sweep. How ever that is about as far as it goes. It sweeps across a room, targets everything my cursor hits and then I fire it off. Now, I get that you wanted it to be fast,we want it to be fast. Unfortunately I do not feel as in control of bladestorm as I anticipated this rework to provide. It does work, I can target multiple mobs, I can target one mob, how ever I cannot target 1 lancer in a crowd and move past him to the heavy gunner, then to the bombard. instead when I sweep across I am targeting, lancer, all his squad mates, heavy gunner, bombard all in the same sweep, pretty much exactly like before but now I press the button twice instead of once. I wanted to enjoy this new rework and don't get me wrong with some adjustments and time I will go on using ash to his fullest potential because I am a gamer, and I adapt to the changes, and I do not lock myself into one style of play. I can see some potential in how bladestorm is currently working, but I definitely feel that more work needs to be done on this skill. In its current state it is not what I expected at all. 

    I am not sure I understand how this is more effective or more engaging than previously. I am still hitting everything at once, I am still locked into an animation I cannot get out of, and I still cannot selectively pick each target for that bladestorm effect. --

    Teleport would of been more effective a change had you included things like the containers we have to click on to open, the door lock interfaces, or simply allowed us to "paint" the location we want to teleport to and go there. simply teleport to cursor location would of been a brilliant rework of this skill. 

    Shuriken- Why can't we simply aim the shuriken? it should aim to cursor, not auto target to some other location. I tried to hit a fan with it, instead of going to the fan, it went into the floor trying to kill the lancers on the other side of the fan below me. This is not what I was trying to hit, makes the skill ineffective and unfunctional. It is impractical to have the shuriken auto aiming and going to its own self designated target instead of going to cursor and being aimed by the player. 

    In your notes you said this is part of a new project to give players more control..Yet we don't have more control. We have the same control, reworked. Give me control of ash, 

    Teleport to mark placed by player at cursor

    bladestorm aim ( I like the aim ability actually that part in itself is quite nice) should be able to be designated by player, not simply sweep across the room. I want to mark specific targets not just mark all targets in a random sweep while smoke screened. 

    shuriken, go to cursor, let me aim the shuriken. no zoom, no special anything, just shoot to cursor. 

    This is player controled dynamics...What you have now is static passivity. 

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Hesyol said:

    Ammo case made me really sad. And it's not only because it makes carrier overpowered again, but also I was hoping that whole ammo system will go away some day. It's really stupid for some weapons. Hoped that we'll have unlimited ammo like in Overwatch or something else. And now it looks like we've got another band aid mod...

    unlimited ammo is not, has never, and should never be a thing in Warframe.

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  5. I liked the 6m passive personally. The objective was to encourage more use out of the other sentinels, which they accomplished. 

    The second phase of that experiment was/is aimed at the companions. The question on the table at this point is, how do we implement the radial pickup to apply to a 'pet' creature that moves with its own AI rather than blindly following the player per sentinel behavior.

    Do they adjust the behavior of companions? I think some adjustments are needed since far to often companions wander off, get stuck, or don't respond at all.

    Do they make all companions have a precept similar to what they did with 'vacuum' but call it something different and make a universal precept mod out of it?

    Would it be game breaking to make a universal Pickup as standard, but then what range, people went nuts over losing those 6m from vacuum. Do we keep it 12 meter universal pickup radius and forgo the entire mod tendency both on pets and on sentinels?

    I think if we want to seriously have a conversation with the developers we need to firstly address ourselves and how we present feedback, secondly use appropriate language and communication skills, thirdly develop a concrete idea that we can express to them.

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  6. 1 minute ago, LazarusRis3n said:

    still not hotfix for the Vacuum Passive distance calculation. it says 6meters. i tested it, it works only on 3meters.

    and yesterday the vacuum passive was working, today it isn't.....

    they removed the passive, its now a universal vacuum mod precept for all sentinels, you should find a new mod in your list. Its at the top of the patch notes you are currently responding to.

  7. 4 minutes ago, Yorinar said:


    Regen as far as I can tell doesn't do anything significant. I simple downed state will revive your sentinel. I know not everyone wants a downed state to do that, but I've yet to have regen ever work. So I'm curious as to the logic behind it. there are a couple mods that seem like they are ineffective, those being, regen, and coolant leak. 

  8. 24 minutes ago, WarframeWins said:

    That's a good idea, and I agree with it. One thing I don't agree with is the death threats to developers making and working on something you all love and cherish so much. It's absolutely pathetic.

    well, I agree, any type of threats to the Developers or for that matter toward anyone should be dealt with immediately, none of us should need to feel threatened for any reason.

    Also, was there a threat made against someone at Digital Extremes? If so I would think they took what legal actions they felt needed in the situation. It doesn't really seem like something we'd have control of, knowledge of, or business to respond to here in forums.

  9. it's interesting. They took the mod away and reduced range. people went nuts. They put the mod back and increased the range back to 12m, people still complain. What are you guys doing with sentinels that you're seriously taking up that amount of space? I have all the sentinels too, I barely use half the slots on it. Have never felt the need to have most of the precepts, only really increase life/shields/armor on the only one I used which was carrier. I have the scanner on helios. I'm not implying anything about peoples play habits, I just dont understand how you have so many mods in your sentinels that this mod is an issue....

    but reading some of these comments does demonstrate my point, no matter what Digital Extremes does people are going to find something wrong with it.

    I was happy with it before, I'm happy with vacuum now. I appreciate and respect what  you do DE,,I'm going to go play, this is why you're the professionals and I'm just a guy at a keyboard in my living room. You've got the patience of saints. 

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  10. 1 minute ago, DarkOvion said:

    So, you're actually trying to say that your exact desk / table right now, that's purpose is to hold up your computer/monitor/laptop, would be just as effective at that task if it was 88% smaller.

    I think you're trolling at this point.

    That or legitimately don't know how math, physics or engineering work.

    no, I wouldn't try to use somehting that wasn't designed to do the task for that task. 

    you're in luck though, redtext update incoming new precept mod about to be put into play 12m range on all sentinels

    now we're both happy.


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  11. 1 minute ago, DarkOvion said:

    Oh so, when it's function is to collect things in an area, having that effective area cut down by 88% isn't a reduction in effectiveness!

    Well damn, you've revolutionised everything.

    The floor of your house supports things, your desk holds things up, etc.

    But reducing its area doesn't reduce its effectiveness!

    We'll just take away 88% of your floor (you're fine with the 1-2M square for all your stuff right, it's just as effective after all).

    And without 88% of your desk, think how much cheaper it will be.
    I mean, it'll only be about the size of an A4 sheet of paper, but it's not been reduced in effectiveness because it still holds stuff right!

    well, no, its not less effective. that table still holds something, simply not in the same volume. an inch is just as effective as a foot, but trying to make an inch do what a foot can is not going to have the results you want. yes, the new universal pickup isn't going to do anything outside of its range. within its range it does exactly what it's supposed to. All I'm getting at. a sniper rifle is very effective at hitting a target at long range. A hand grenade how ever would be less effective at that same task. How ever a grenade is great at devestating a localized area, a sniper rifle is completely ineffective at that task. 

  12. Just now, DarkOvion said:

    It is exactly a Nerf: "In video gaming, a nerf is a change to a game that makes something less effective or desirable. The word can be used as a verb to describe that change. The opposite of nerf is buff or revamp."

    An 88% reduction in effectiveness is precisely the definition of a nerf.

    But its not less effective. it simply covers less distance. Its just as effective within that 6m range. It is an alteration. the distance was nerfed, not the effectiveness.

  13. 5 minutes ago, DarkOvion said:

    And yet, even as a known and reported bug, for many years, it's still there.

    granted, but before we were able to get it with the larger radius of vacuum. Now we cannot. Id say we should be reporting all occasions of not being able to acquire loot stuck behind any object at any distance. Including those loot crates in void secret rooms that we can break but can't get to and used to collect through the wall.

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