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  1. I was currently farming relics for Ivara Prime Components Blueprints so I figured I'll get all the parts and sell all of them at once; going offline.
  2. Oh, that's what they call it! I thought WTT was common so I was really confused how it is possible to find a good offer. Since I'm not in a clan yet, I will take around 3 days to warm up to the dojo then start trading. All my questions are answered so I will mark this as the answer.
  3. Thanks for the info regarding scammers, never really faced one of them, but don't want to be caught off guard. I might also reword 'trade to trade', I meant of it as trading without plat.
  4. The problem I have with using warframe.market directly is that I think different regions might affect the trade or might introduce problems
  5. Thanks for the reply this is definitely helpful. About the second question, I heard something about trade for trade instead of using plat. About the dojo loading times, does anything other than the hard disk affect load time?
  6. (This is has probably been asked 10+ times, but I couldn't get the hang of it. Also, first post on the forum, so please tell me if I missed anything.) Hey everybody. So I just finished 'The War Within', and was thinking to myself that I had probably reached around mid-game. Since I only have 2 frames, Excali and Valk (yes 2, when I returned to Warframe I realized that I had spent my plat on rushing stuff, so there's that..), I was thinking of getting into trading in Warframe, mainly because I have a lot of Warframe parts sitting in my foundry (I never made them because I knew I would
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