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  1. A riven, elemental mod, or even 1m of punchthrough to have the satisfaction of mowing down a crowded hallway at high noon
  2. 1st: necro much? 2nd: it's armor and power strength, with power strength being more of a contributing force 3rd: chilling globe is VERY arguable. sure it can freeze enemies that enter, but that's a flat 50% chance, not to mention: when you're REALLY going the distance, you're going to be recasting that every 4 seconds, which will freeze and throw out all enemies inside the globe snowglobe gets health from damage taken during the first 4 seconds after casting recasting snowglobe inside a snowglobe the user previously casted causes the previous globe's health to be ADDED to the new globe's health ON TOP of another 4 seconds of invulnerability where damage done to it is turned into health Do you even frost bruh?
  3. A smidge. Mainly because your targets will be stolen sometimes and also to adjust larva's duration so it doesn't last too long while also making sure other abilities last long enough
  4. Title is talking about how the warframe looks "embered", which is a state the player can be in when playing Dark Souls 3. They're not saying they turned into the warframe ember.
  5. My friend named his jatt kittag Calvin, after his fat cat....
  6. 1: i'm against the efficiency denial. It's better to say "less of a factor" because duration affects how long larvae lasts, and since enemies do sometimes get caught on the environment sometimes, it can be a bit troublesome even if they lose their link to larva in the meantime. While having a lot of duration is nice for parasitic link and ravenous, my 3.5 second larvae build isnt having any trouble with maintaining itself for it's primary purpose and general use. TL;DR: don't be afraid of using a fleeting to balance out duration so your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th abilities are at a comfortable level. 2:you don't always have to link your allies. With roughly 180% power strength total you can max out damage reduction when linked to enemies iirc, this makes steel fiber mainly coming in handy when either linked with allies or when parasitic link is cut from the enemy
  7. *heavy breathing* ......i...want my liset. It is beautiful....
  8. Good for you to do that. Personally, and since my clan has ben lacking activity lately, I'll just let new recruits stumble upon my ignis wraith research as a nice surprise for their allegiance. The thought of new recruits finding out that the clan they joined had something that could be considered rare makes me giddy with anticiption of their reaction.
  9. You've been around for....a month or so? Regardless, if you're still starting out, Paris Prime, Braton Prime, and Burston Prime are ones that come to mind that usually come off as easy to get iirc Soma and Boltor Prime are currently vaulted so it will probably get pretty costly to get them (to the point it might not be worth it considering how A LOT of people claim it to be the best assault rifle type weapon without inclusion of rivens) That said, Sybaris Prime and Tigris Prime are still around and they can hit HARD. If you can get them while meeting the mastery requirements, go for it. Actually, if you get a chance to get them from a relic, do it.
  10. 1: i thoight some of the tennogen ones were really neat enough to compete with PA accessories though.... 2: ash prime had a syandana?
  11. I'm all up for this option. As much as i would also not mind buying it from the merch store, i would consider it convenient to just read it from the comfort of my ship as well
  12. It really depends on the weapon imo along with the disposition. As an example, at one point someone was trying to sell a tigris riven that gave +100% damage, +29.4 mag capacity, and -22.2% fire rate for 700pl. Thing is, it was outdamaged in total dps by a blaze mod because while it could do better damage per shot, the fire rate was reduced enough to make the extra damage and third shot meaningless, not to mention tigris's lack of puncthrough only makes all that damage good for single targets. Meanwhile with something like the kohm, the moment you get a riven for it that gives it +status chance, it becomes terrifying with the 4 status chance mods letting it hit that BEAUTIFUL 100% status chance, mixed in with its innate punchthrough as well so against a crowd you can yell out "FREE DEBUFFS FOR EVERYONE!"
  13. Only thing i disagree with here is looking at the highest rated builds because the 2nd highest rated build under "frost prime", while boasting a lot of damage, has practically no duration, making it fall off on late endurance runs or any runs where CC is in significantly high demand. If anything, i recommend you look at the wiki first to make sure you know enough about a warframe, then consult the builder, and maybe review recent topics on the forums regarding said warframe as well. Warframe builds in this subforum usually tend to be pretty solid.
  14. Any frame once you get that naramon up and running
  15. Bags of milk wearing nintendo wiis