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  1. Banned for being good and afk?

    Dont ever mention that disgraceful existence. Iirc he was banned for having others log on for him (which used to be on his channel) and then twisted the situation to gain viewers. Being good at the game and being dumb are two seperate things
  2. Ember comes to mind going by stereotypes with nova and mirage following close behind
  3. Tigris Riven Price check

    Imho, reroll it, but if you want to hear what others have to say in case i'm wrong, i ain't stoppin you. Sweeping serration gives more slash damage and sancti tigris would be the only one with potential use for it (15% crit modded to ~35% using your riven and blunderbuss)
  4. Is this a good frost build?

    1st: necro much? 2nd: it's armor and power strength, with power strength being more of a contributing force 3rd: chilling globe is VERY arguable. sure it can freeze enemies that enter, but that's a flat 50% chance, not to mention: when you're REALLY going the distance, you're going to be recasting that every 4 seconds, which will freeze and throw out all enemies inside the globe snowglobe gets health from damage taken during the first 4 seconds after casting recasting snowglobe inside a snowglobe the user previously casted causes the previous globe's health to be ADDED to the new globe's health ON TOP of another 4 seconds of invulnerability where damage done to it is turned into health Do you even frost bruh?
  5. Most OP Warframe and Why 2017

    Any frame once you get that naramon up and running
  6. Harrow feedback and discussion

    Pontiff Bobo. Complete with stand
  7. Is this a good frost build?

    The common build would include Fleeting + Streamline to reach +70% to +75% efficiency for spammable snowglobes (remember, globes you cast from within a previous globe you casted replaces the old globe and adds the old globe's health on top of its own while still having that 4 second period where damage done to snowglobe is converted to health for the snowglobe) Duration usually in the form of a Continuity, Constitution, or both to have a decent Freeze duration on Freeze, Avalanche, or on the augments if you choose to use them Vitality, Redirection, Steel Fiber, or 2 out of those 3. Frost's armor value affects how much health snow globe will have, but again, enemy damage during the first 4 seconds after cast along with recasting snowglobe inside of a globe you previously casted makes this of little concern. Range Mods. ranges from just Stretch, to even Stretch+Overextended+Cunning Drift. Use what you feel comfortable with but be cautious: nullifier bubbles will kill your snow globe on contact. Preference. Depends on your playstyle. if you want to CC everything and have plenty of power range, Ice Wave Impedence is a great choice while Chilling Globe has a chance to freeze hostiles inside snowglobe (i find this rather pointless outside of a situation where i'm not able to be attentive due to multiple objectives or the such since Snow Globe freezes and pushes out hostiles in range on the initial cast).
  8. Nidus Fashion Frame!

    No Spawn attempts?
  9. Warframe Builder

    loving that the stats are shown when you put on augments in the build. Also really glad the pop-up ads aren't around anymore
  10. Coming Soon: Devstream #71!

    I believe in Devstream 69 it was mentioned that there were 2 winners for Tennogen round 2 that couldn't be displayed at the time? Are those 2 winners still going to be added in-game and if so, can we please have them identified?
  11. Warframe Builder

    You make it sound like that'd be easy. Something like that involves not only considering if Vitality, Steel Fiber, Redirection, and Vigor are on but also recovery options, energy management, presence of Quick Thinking, how often abilities are being used, other mod choices like handspring/constitution, healing options, weapon choice and modding, and Focus among probably a few other things.
  12. Warframe Builder

    I know you have a lot to put in over the next few days, but out of curiosity, when can we expect to be able to view stat increases from mods like argon scope, blood rush, etc? Will there be a dropdown menu like when we equip berserker for blood rush's case? Will there be a checkbox to account headshots and/or kill for mods like argon scope and bladed rounds respectively?
  13. Devstream 69 Overview

    So what were the other Tennogen 2 winners? I haven't seen mention of the 2 that didn't make it to the devstream in time
  14. Warframe Builder

    for the combo feature maybe have it on the stats with a drop down menu probably at a cap like 2.5x or 3x since 2.5x is probably the usual number seen before the combo resets after the 15 second extract option pops up, and since it takes a signficant amount of hits to reach 3.5x?
  15. Warframe Builder

    speaking as one person out of the countless, what's currently getting on my nerves is how an ad opens up when I would interact with it (ex: selecting Frost Prime resulting in an ad opening behind my current window or trying to interact with the modding screen) and how i get "your device has a virus, please scan now" spam ad when trying to view it on a mobile device. I can understand the harmless looking game ones, but getting a message saying i need to download and scan using some unknown antivirus puts me on edge.