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  1. Cryozar

    Warframe Builder

    loving that the stats are shown when you put on augments in the build. Also really glad the pop-up ads aren't around anymore
  2. Cryozar

    Coming Soon: Devstream #71!

    I believe in Devstream 69 it was mentioned that there were 2 winners for Tennogen round 2 that couldn't be displayed at the time? Are those 2 winners still going to be added in-game and if so, can we please have them identified?
  3. Cryozar

    Warframe Builder

    You make it sound like that'd be easy. Something like that involves not only considering if Vitality, Steel Fiber, Redirection, and Vigor are on but also recovery options, energy management, presence of Quick Thinking, how often abilities are being used, other mod choices like handspring/constitution, healing options, weapon choice and modding, and Focus among probably a few other things.
  4. Cryozar

    Warframe Builder

    I know you have a lot to put in over the next few days, but out of curiosity, when can we expect to be able to view stat increases from mods like argon scope, blood rush, etc? Will there be a dropdown menu like when we equip berserker for blood rush's case? Will there be a checkbox to account headshots and/or kill for mods like argon scope and bladed rounds respectively?
  5. Cryozar

    Devstream 69 Overview

    So what were the other Tennogen 2 winners? I haven't seen mention of the 2 that didn't make it to the devstream in time
  6. Cryozar

    Warframe Builder

    for the combo feature maybe have it on the stats with a drop down menu probably at a cap like 2.5x or 3x since 2.5x is probably the usual number seen before the combo resets after the 15 second extract option pops up, and since it takes a signficant amount of hits to reach 3.5x?
  7. Cryozar

    Warframe Builder

    speaking as one person out of the countless, what's currently getting on my nerves is how an ad opens up when I would interact with it (ex: selecting Frost Prime resulting in an ad opening behind my current window or trying to interact with the modding screen) and how i get "your device has a virus, please scan now" spam ad when trying to view it on a mobile device. I can understand the harmless looking game ones, but getting a message saying i need to download and scan using some unknown antivirus puts me on edge.
  8. Whelp, more reason to bring a glaive now o-o
  9. Derf was confirmed long ago....
  10. Cryozar

    Do You Keep All The Weapons And Frames?

    Frames i keep unless they have a prime form already out when i built them (exception being my Frost). Weapons i keep based on whether or not I like them.
  11. Cryozar

    Simple Weapon Modding Principles

    -for corpus, note toxin damage will ignore shields unless it's proto shields -for infested, note that ancients absolutely hate corrosive damage, resulting with corrosive to deal with them and heat for the lighter units -for the weapons strengths, you want to avoid the basic slash, impact, puncture mods (unless it's the ones from an event) because a +90% elemental damage mod would give a better bonus. A better example of playing to the weapon's strength would be using point strike and vital sense on a rifle with a high crit chance such as on the dread and soma -for modding against weaknesses, reach would not be best for something like th ichors because range increase depends on the base range of the weapon, making reach more optimal for weapons like atterax and orthos, which already have great range Edit: should also mention that for corrupted, usually corrosive and wither heat or cold is preferred (cold to handle shields) unless your squad has 4 corrosive projections or a warframe capable of removing 100% armor
  12. Cryozar

    Sancti Tigris -3 Forma Build ( Beast ! )

    Honestly i like sancti tigris. It means i can go quadshot mode without much worry (if any worry at all)
  13. Bulletjump mod or handspring. For frost it depends how i'm feeling (i spam the crud out of bulletjump maneuvers and keep up pretty well) for less speed demanding situations, handspring hands down. Get up before you can get pulled close enough by scorpions/ancients and unload while they're waiting for their line to reel back in. Helps nicely vs arson eximus and knockdown aoes
  14. Cryozar

    Chroma Vs Hydroid (Xbox One)

    For chroma, some suggested weaponry if you're going with making the most out of vex armor and elemental ward would include glaive (prime)/kestrel with toxin damage (so you can trade 100 health with a self nuke in order to get your fury buff maxed right off the bat when you cast vex armor) and winds of purity furis for self heal (and since fury can buff its damage, that means a faster heal). Personally i like to bring an amprex for a primary since he lacks crowd control, but that's just me
  15. Cryozar

    Sancti Tigris -3 Forma Build ( Beast ! )

    ty for correction.....but still very curious about how fast i can make it reload now