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  1. Pontiff Bobo. Complete with stand
  2. except "mom" in this case let's you do something about it when they laugh.....wait a sec.... ..... DE, I DEMAND WE HAVE A SPACE-BIKE-ARCHWING! We already have the space-mom tattoo on some of our warframes!
  3. 3 second period where damage to iron skin is turned into additional iron skin health Ironclad charge gives armor that, depending on power str and enemies hit makes sure you last at least that much longer to cast iron skin while boosting iron skin's health I'd say he should be fine in the right hands
  4. The common build would include Fleeting + Streamline to reach +70% to +75% efficiency for spammable snowglobes (remember, globes you cast from within a previous globe you casted replaces the old globe and adds the old globe's health on top of its own while still having that 4 second period where damage done to snowglobe is converted to health for the snowglobe) Duration usually in the form of a Continuity, Constitution, or both to have a decent Freeze duration on Freeze, Avalanche, or on the augments if you choose to use them Vitality, Redirection, Steel Fiber, or 2 out of those 3. Frost's armor value affects how much health snow globe will have, but again, enemy damage during the first 4 seconds after cast along with recasting snowglobe inside of a globe you previously casted makes this of little concern. Range Mods. ranges from just Stretch, to even Stretch+Overextended+Cunning Drift. Use what you feel comfortable with but be cautious: nullifier bubbles will kill your snow globe on contact. Preference. Depends on your playstyle. if you want to CC everything and have plenty of power range, Ice Wave Impedence is a great choice while Chilling Globe has a chance to freeze hostiles inside snowglobe (i find this rather pointless outside of a situation where i'm not able to be attentive due to multiple objectives or the such since Snow Globe freezes and pushes out hostiles in range on the initial cast).
  5. For those wondering the stats he has on it, it's +100% damage, +29.4 mag capacity, and -22.2% fire rate yeah....1 extra shot in the mag, but your fire rate is lower, meaning less burst dps compared to if Blaze was used instead, not to mention Blaze would give a better TOTAL damage per shot. Then you add in how impractical Tigris can be when sporting only 2-3 shots with 0 punchthrough. "But Cryo, you deal less damage with a punchthrough mod on" And? The Tigris hits hard enough on its own to the point that if i were to compare burst dps, a Seeking Fury would do better due to your Riven LOWERING the fire rate. Not only that but it gives a cocktail of random status procs once you hit 100% status chance over those 17.6 pellets per shot either way so the difference is how many people are you hitting with those 17.6 pellets? vicious spread increases the spread so maybe a few hit the guys around your target but when you need to shoot someone up close that means not a lot of those pellets are going to spread and deal damage to his buddies. Meanwhile with punchthrough you get him AND the few buddies behind him messed up with bleed and elements in that one shot. "oh but you can't kill a 140 Bombard with it" And your point is? Eventually your weapon will fall off in the damage department whether you like it or not. Stop looking at total damage alone if you plan to go past lvl 140 enemies. Do you even know how status chance or dps works? Because I don't think you do if you can only say that the riven lets you kill a lvl 140 bombard in one shot considering you have to count on RNG to give you the right cocktail of status procs and/or crits
  6. Tyvm. I assume if i were to hit 3 targets with an ironclad with no mods equipped it would be a 150% increase or 1+1.5 in the equation?
  7. So I haven't really used Rhino (Prime) in ages and i was wondering how ironclad charge worked with max steel fiber Would it be like [275*(1+<ironclad>)] + (275 * 2.1)? Or would it be more like [275 * (1+<ironclad>)] * 2.1? (Assuming i wrote the equations right, which probably isnt)
  8. the issue is that the team extracted 2 minutes after, as opposed to say 5 minutes, also counting that: 1: extraction timer is usually about a minute iirc? 2: how long it *could* take to get to extraction 3: teammates getting downed along the way 4: the probably comon, "after this last group escapes we'll leave so your revives back" which leads to 5: how long does it take for the rescue targets to make it to their extraction
  9. As one of those MR 20+ guys, I DO get bored. It's fine to fall off the face of the star chart for who knows how long and return. Don't push yourself too hard either. I for sure didn't get to MR 20 going nonstop. Things to do when not bored, I'd say includes using weapons and warframes you really like (seriously i just hated ranking up some of the weapons i went through, not that all of them downright sucked, but it just wasn't my thing) and having people to chat with both regarding an disregarding the game.
  10. Simply put, the anti-afk system isn't perfect and is set to do that if they don't do anything in that amount of time. @Casardis he isn't reporting or naming and shaming anyone on the team, he's stating the frustration that his acquaintance was out of revives and couldn't receive any of the point rewards due to the team being in there for 2 minutes after his last death
  11. Serration, split chamber, depleted reload, point strike, vital sense, element, element, riven with damage, crit chance, and or multishot or another element...maybe reload speed for a possibly funny reload time, though i doubt itll be very noticeable. Idk much about primed chamber tbh except for the +100% damage for the first shot in the clip, but how that applies vs a damage mod is beyond me
  12. Pretty much what has been said: don't go overboard with crits, dont forget elemental weaknesses and resistances of all factions, corrosive projection to lower armor on grineer and corrupted, go for headshots and a specific spot on moas to maximize on damage with the crit multiplier, and optionally use warframes that buff damage (ex: rhino's roar and areas highlighted by banshee's sonar)
  13. Wait till next update around wednesday or thursday. They're workin on it
  14. It's a plane of existence, not the very existence of others. However, he would be very powerful though as in a real life situation he would be able to interact with his plane so parts of himself would be in different planes of existence, letting him interact with objects while being near invincible. If he could control the existence of others he wouldnt be wearing a suit. In a sense i'd guess you can call him schroedinger's warframe.
  15. It's okay to take a break. Even the strongest tenno need a vacation