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  1. This is probably going to get lost in the mountain of responses, but there is one thing I'd like to suggest. Overall I like the direction of the end of mission screen, however it would be really nice to have an "expand" button that would expand (duh) the stats on the bottom half to cover the Warframes. Not show new info (keep the stats on the separate screen, also expandable), just show as much of the drops/affinity stuff as possible on one screen (without scrolling). I like the default showing fashion, but sometimes I'd like the option to see more in one shot.
  2. While this is all nice on paper, I can't help but feel it doesn't fit the pace of the game. We are killing basic units just too fast for any complex systems like this to have meaningful impact. On the other hand this could work well if we saw more mini-boss type enemies in the spawn tables, but first we need DE to give us those spawns *cough*replace Eximus with Arena enemies*cough*. The main problem I see with this is that not all weapons are status weapons. This would mean that the base stats and elements you put on low status weapons would be basically irrelevant. While I do think that some parts of Damage 2.0 are needlessly overcomplicated, I think that this would be an oversimplification. In addition the Railjack status procs share the same fatal flaw as normal status effects, they don't scale with damage. By this I mean the status effects don't get stronger if the damage that inflicted the status dealt more damage. This leads to high rate of fire or pellet count being the single best way to inflict status in most situations, meaning that choosing elements and base IPS of low RoF weapons will also be basically irrelevant. Railjack status was a step forward in some cases, but it isn't ready for prime time if you ask me.
  3. I'd much rather have DE break something to make a better system then hold on to a broken system to protect our "investment".
  4. A promising tech demo. Expectations were pretty well met, of course I would have preferred it to be better though. I also believe that with the feedback of the community DE will be able to make Railjack great faster than they could have if they kept it internal.
  5. To a degree the "best" way to complete a mission is to stay in the Railjack. You obviously have your pilot. Then two people constantly on Turrets, which when maxed out kill faster than Archguns. Then the fourth on engineering/repair/big-gun duty. I see everyone saying "just use slingshot for crewships" but when you do that you... Have one less gun killing fighters Have travel time Have to wait through a bunch of mini 'cutscenes' Have to wait for the reactor explode Or you can just shoot a crewship for a second with any armor-strip weapon and one-shot it with the canon. Obviously there are a lot of other issues, but even with the current balance the best way to complete a mission is to use the Railjack. Now the problem is convincing pub groups of that...
  6. There are so many compounding issues with Railjack it is hard to ever take apart one piece and analyze it. I agree with pretty much everything you say here, but if I try to suggest fixes to those problems I am going to start talking about the Railjack's level design. Or the way your Railjack takes damage. Or the emphasis on just killing stuff over objectives. Each of those things are massive discussions in their own right, so it doesn't make much sense to get off topic here. It is weird, but it is almost impossible to have coherent discussions about Railjack because of this. Unless you write a ten thousand word thesis about Railjack there are going to be major holes in what you say. And this applies to how DE "fixes" Railjack as well. Any single hotifix won't fix Railjack, to all we know the current balance of weapons after the latest hotfix is perfect but we can't tell because DE hasn't also fixed the other hundred problems yet. So people may keep complaining about how weapons are broken because we don't have the big picture yet. Not sure what the point of that was, just a bit frustrated with the feedback discussions that have been happening.
  7. That's... that's why I am suggesting adding Dargyns. They would be fundamentally a different type of enemy and cater to new gameplay. Personally I imagine seeing Dargyns as an opportunity to give Archwings a combat role. Rather than have the Railjack and Archwings shooting at similar levels, all trying to kill the same enemies, have Railjack be for the fighters and Archwings be more adept at killing Dargyns. This is just a quick brain-storm, so forgive me for imperfections. Multiply Fighter health and Railjack damage by 3 (so basically no change from the Railjack's perspective) Give Arch-weapons hitscan back That's honestly it I think. The Railjack would still be capable of taking out Dargyns, but between sheer numbers and non-hitscan it would be time consuming. You could specialize into this with certain weapons, like Pulsars or maybe even Cryos, but at base Archwings should be able to mop up Dargyns more efficiently. Railjack shouldn't be something where everyone is always just camping on the ship, that should be an option of course but we should be encouraged to mix things up. Enemy diversity shouldn't be implemented for the sake of just having more enemies, it should be to make the gameplay more diverse. Dargyns have the capability of doing such.
  8. Just give a fancy Ephemera and/or Syandana, then maybe some sort of emblem/sigil that increases with intensity as you get more MR points past MR 30. That's it, no new "content" because getting to MR 30 is a slog that should absolutely not be mandatory, just some pretty rewards to show off that you did the thing.
  9. Dargyns are about twice the height of a frame, but they are tall and skinny. The smallest Railjack units are also about twice the height, but they are also about twice as wide as they are tall and four time as long as they are tall. Then as someone else mentioned the scaling in Railack is apparently broken as well.
  10. Adding Dargyns to Railjack would serve to add two key things... A sense of scale Enemy diversity in the form of fodder That is basically the TL;DR, below is the rationale. A sense of scale: The new Archwing enemies are not small, basically all of them are at least twice the height of our Warframes, but it doesn't ever feel like that because we fight them from a distance. Perspective is a funny thing, if you don't have a frame of reference you have no idea how large or small something is. This is especially a problem in space games because the view distances are so large, making big things actually look big is not an easy thing. This is where Dargyns come in. We know how big Dargyns are, we have plenty of experience shooting them down and even occasionally flying them. We know that they basically fit a single Grineer unit behind the helm and we have a very good idea of how big those are because we have killed tens of thousands of them. A Dargyn can thus serve as a frame of reference for everything else, if you see a Dargyn next to an Outrider you will instantly understand the scale of that enemy (Outriders are quite large). Or if you see Dargyns fly out of base you will get a sense of scale to how large that base is without flying up to it. Railjack is all about taking on bigger threats than we ever had the means to before, we need to actually think that our threats are big. Enemy diversity in the form of fodder: Going way back to Archwing's initial release, the biggest problem that plagued the mode is the lack of enemy variety. Even though we were fighting in space with giant weapons it was still basically just killing Basic Grineer Unit #314 over and over again. Railjack has fallen into a similar situation, despite there being a technical variety of enemy units everything feels the same to play against (outside crew ships). They all have similar times to kill, they have similar flight patters, and they all look basically the same at first glance. What is worse with Railjack is that the enemies are a slog. Warframes combat revolves around deleting fodder enemies, that is the feel the game has really hit its stride with. This is not to say every enemy should be deleted, but rather that there needs to be enemies that can be mopped up to sustain the power fantasy. Just because we are in a bigger ship it does not mean that we should only face bigger threats, we should also face our same old threats with our new power to make our new power feel... uh... powerful. Similar with the sense of scale Dargyns would add they would also serve as a frame of reference for how powerful we have become. And let's not forget, it is not like Dargyns don't already exist, not only do they exist but there is even a fair variety of types of Dargyns from old Archwing stuff. I try not to assume it would be as easy as copy-paste; but it couldn't be that difficult, right? Adding Dargyns will not fix all of Railjack's issues with enemy design and balancing, but it would serve to be a massive improvement.
  11. TWW required nothing of your Archwing. The Sacrifice was doable with a base Operator. I highly doubt that The New War will ask anything of us beyond just having a Railjack.
  12. A problem a lot of Warframe's content creator personalities have, including Brozime, is that they get stuck in an echo chamber. Their stands will assert anything the creator says and if anyone ever questions what the creator says all hell breaks lose from the people who watch that creator. And thus the content creators rarely have their opinions and stances questioned. Their initial reactions to things are perpetuated because their following just parrots them. And as time goes on this builds up and the creators eventually become so confident in themselves that they stop questioning themselves anymore. And even worse this just feeds directly back into their communities that then become even more confident themselves. It really is just a tragic positive feedback loop. I actually quite like Brozime's content and streams, although it does sometimes hurt to watch him fall down that slippery slope of negativity. But tbh no matter where I go that negativity will be there, and I appreciate that I can disagree with Brozime as that prevents me from getting too confident in what I think. More on topic to Railjack and squishy enemies, to me the worst single decision with Railjack was buffing the poop out of the on-foot Grineer units. If DE wanted to add some challenges that should come from unit diversity, for example mini-boss units like Nox. Not by making everything a bullet sponge. O
  13. And DE technically owns your account that you only license from them (read the EULA). If you want to get technical nothing is yours. It is a matter of what is fun for the most people.
  14. No. It is a public mission, it is public property. And a permit system would be awful for any client. Clients are not second rate citizens, they have just as much of a right to play the game as any other. Some people are not even able to host missions due to network/hardware reasons. Warframe is a co-op game first, the matchmaking co-op is what most people experience and that experience needs to be good. You being stingy is breaking the norm and breaking other people's experiences therefore you are the one that needs to use recruiting/clans/friends to fulfill your specific wants. Just imagine the two options here. Imagine how it would feel for a client to load into a mission with an annoying host who has locked everything down versus being a host that has an annoying client. One of those is an annoyance and the other can completely ruin an experience.
  15. The downside to Shield Gating, especially the iteration Hildryn uses, is that it actually makes having low shields superior to having high shields. Shield Gating should be the mechanic that makes us want to build for shields. There are quite a few ways to go about having Shield Gating scale well with shields, but I don't think that copy-pasta Hildryn's shield gating to the rest of the game would be a good thing. Some spitball ideas... Have invulnerability scale with max shields Have a shield gate every 'x' amount of shield Damage reduction relative to the current amount of shield
  16. My point is that there is nothing to say the the host knows best. I'm not saying there are not bad pilots out there, I'm just pointing out that being a host or client is not at all correlated to how good of a pilot you are. And again, as soon as you que into a public mission it is no longer "your" ship. Everyone has the same right to everything. The solution to your problem is not to give the host more rights. To be honest I think there is no solution, the problems you describe are the 'necessary evil' for the best possible way to handle things. Just imagine how bad some public Railjacks could be if the host was able to push everyone around, you think Railjack can be toxic now...
  17. And what if the Host wants to take the helm from someone doing well and ruin the mission themselves? Who's to say the Host is actually the superior pilot? Just because you're host it doesn't mean that you know best nor that you have the right to force people to your will. As soon as you que up for a public mission your ship basically comes public property.
  18. Let's imagine that DE's first iteration of Railjack was fully integrated into the game. That it spread its tendrils into the entire star chart and instantly became a daily do. Now all of the inbalances, all of the bugs, all of the design flaws, now those things are tainting the entire game. It could absolutely destroy the content loops, reward balances, everything would be broken. Na, I'd much rather have Railjack's first iteration be in a walled garden so the kinks can get ironed out. This also helps DE get a more clear feedback on Railjack itself instead of being tainted by other decisions. Once the kinks are out, once it is ready for prime time, then integrate it into the entire game.
  19. I dislike when people blanket say RNG on gear is bad. Very few things are inherently bad and this topic is the perfect example as how RNG stats can be a good system for loot drops.
  20. Apologies, read your post a bit too fast and conflated some of your points.
  21. Or... or... maybe just let us upgrade stats with Dirac? There have been countless threads going over the fundamental issues with RIvens and why some people don't like engaging with slot machines, I would hate to see Railjack weapons just become Riven 2.0. If you like slot machines, that's good for you, but have a bit of empathy and see that there are others that don't but still want to min/max their Railjack. Edit: Misunderstood a point the OP made, so this does not accurately represent a response to the OP. Point stands though... DE... don't do it.
  22. Buffing base enemy numbers is probably the worst way I can imagine DE making things more "difficult". The enemy scaling equations are already under enough stress due to how high of enemy levels we fight, keep in mind that they (the scaling equations) were created with the intention of level 40-ish being the "end-game" levels. To show how absurd the Kosma enemies are, first let's look at the difference in EHP (effective hit points) of all the current factions outside Kosma. This is nothing new, we all are accustomed to how absurd enemy armor scaling is and how it affects damage. But now let's look at normal Grineer versus Kosma. That little yellow line on the bottom is the exact same line as the other chart, Kosma are just that absurd. Buffing the base numbers of enemies has made an already broken scaling system even more broken. And as for the reason that was stated for why their health was buffed by around 17 times, I call BS. If DE thinks that enemy density is "low" then the entire rest of the game must be broken, if anything I consistently see higher enemy densities in Railjack. Sure, seven enemies on a tile isn't too much, but it is seven enemies in an extremely tight group. And while there are only around ten Grineer on a crewship, that is par for the course for a tile that is so small. Furthermore, it also seems like DE cranked the amount of damage enemies do, which makes the issues the game is having with 'tank' vs 'non-tank' frames even more apparent. It is not like DE doesn't know of a better solution, on the latest Devstream they actually talked about having the enemy makeup of boarding parties be crafted in the future. My guess is like having a support unit, heavy units, or just some form of enemy synergy. This is the way DE should add "difficulty", not by breaking the core rules to the game.
  23. I would much rather have crafted and intentional Warframe designs over a mode-podge of dismembered abilities we can stitch together. You can't get Warframes like Gauss that have a meter integrated into their kit. You can't get Warframes like Saryn where all of their abilities compound on each other. You can't get something weird like Grendel where you have one ability that feeds the rest of your kit. Modular Warframes would just be going back to the old style of Warframe design where they get four abilities that do a thing, something the community has been asking for DE to move away from. I don't see what modular Warframes could ever add gameplay of the game, all it would be is token "choice" that would come down to min/maxing and a balancing nightmare (balancing every "1" abilities to be equally powerful). Tbh I think it is a far more "boring opinion" to want something that you can customize just for the sake of customization. Creativity comes from limitations.
  24. Problems with Railjack Equipment No smooth progression, punishes you for taking incremental steps Random factors give a deep sense of FOMO when crafting * I am yet to craft any equipment for my Railjack yet despite completing the Veil and grinding it for a few hours, and I am happy I made hat decision. This is bad. Railjack Weapon Rework Craft a Base weapon frame (Pulsar, Photor, etcetera) from Dojo research Get a “module” drop for each weapon for the respective houses (Zekti Pulsar Module) This has a random +fire rate stat MkI-MkIII Sigma dojo research reworked into modules In order to equip a module your weapon must have its frame upgraded to an equivalent rank Upgrade a weapon frame with Railjack materials to MkI to MkIII “frame” Upgrading a frame will increase the base stats of the component. Modules skew the stats of the weapon to fit the house and apply any bonuses Railjack Components Rework Craft a base component frame from Dojo research Add a Zekti, Lavan, and Vidar base components Base components keep the “specialization” of each house Get a “module” drop for each weapon for the respective houses (Zekti Shield Module) These modules have multipliers to the base stats of the engine Module manufacturer does not have to match frame manufacturer MkI-MkIII Sigma dojo research reworked into modules In order to equip a module your component must have its frame upgraded to an equivalent rank Upgrade a weapon frame with Railjack materials to MkI to MkIII frame Upgrading a frame will increase the base stats of the component. Modules skew the stats of the component to fit the house and apply any bonuses
  25. I wasn't really suggesting that it would make Archwing super powerful, calling it the Archwing intrinsic wasn't a great representation. It really should be an Intrinsic for away team gameplay. The sling shot, recall teleport, Archwing buffs, and a few other perks here and there don't really fit within their respective trees. For example, if you specialize in being good at shooting the guns it doesn't make much sense that you would get an ability that makes you fly away from the guns (sling shot). And given that being an "away team" member often comes down to playing basic Warframe content, I believe that it should be something equally accessible to everyone. No matter your Railjack specialization. So I would rather see all those things that buff you when you are off the Railjack be grouped up and separate from the rest. And then having this suggest Intrinsic list be upgraded by upgrading the other Intrinsic you are preventing people from specializing in not being on the Railjack. For example, imagine the "away" Intrinsic list gives a new ability for every 4/8/16/32/etcetera spent on the other Intrinsic (four times the amount for the normal ones). So after you spend four total Intrinsic on the main categories you automatically unlock the first "away" Intrinsic, the Slingshot.
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