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  1. Hi there! I simply enjoy helping other players in the game so I’ve decided to post this. I’m only available to play Friday Nights and Saturday Days CST but I’d really like to help any of you out with what I can. I have no idea if this belongs here but here goes. If you need anything in the game just politely ask and I’ll try my best to help. If I don’t reply it’s either I can’t help or I’m not on the forums. Thanks and I hope this goes well for all!
  2. You’ve also won but it’s only 50p!! Pm me and we can trade :)
  3. Congrats, Vortex! You’ve won the 100p! Pm me and we can trade :)
  4. 100p Giveaway! Just reply and you’ll be included. I’ll randomly choose one winner very soon. Edit- Congrats to Vortex and SpicyDinosaur. Thanks for replying, everyone. Hopefully I can get to you all one day
  5. Congrats EpicdudeX! I can trade you your 100p this Friday or Saturday CST. Thanks to everyone who joined, I wish I could help you all.
  6. I’ve been away from WF for a while (I played as Giggaman on PS4) but I’m back on beautiful PC. Just starting from scratch so I figured I’d start helping too. Anywho, I’ll randomly choose 1 winner within the next day or two. Good luck, everyone! EpicdudeX has won!! Thanks all :)
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