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  1. Tried with wukong, saryn and mesa, but wukongs the best I managed the build is Arcane grace, Arcane guardian, Umbral intensify, umbral vitality, umbral fiber, redirection, streamline, continuity, adaptation, sure footed my weapons were the bramma, kuva nukor, and a kronen prime normally I play by just letting my twin kill everything with nukor if under lv 80, bramma if higher, or ill let it nukor stuff while I melee to one tap with condition overload in the test I practiced both methods a few times and niether really worked as the twin didnt shoot fast
  2. so, I know the test got buffed, I was wondering if theres any easy exploits to speedrun it or insane weapons that'll clear it, so far im figuring grendal can erase the bosses but I feel like theres a more efficient way of going about this, any easy methods would be appreciated
  3. why was the difficulty buffed, it went from being doable if you exploited saryn or mesa, or even excal umbra, to not even being doable with those, I've checked every youtube video and reddit page I can, everyone says the exact same things, the first 2 months it was easy and now its borderline physically impossible even with exploits 90% of the time, life support goes down too fast, enemies dont drop enough, the nox... honestly you can still exploit the nox but why did this get buffed to the point its necassary to exploit to have a chance at beating it, because even with exploits, rng could mak
  4. so basically I've done orphix alot but I always close my game after about 2 runs to go make some food, and I've noticed my dual decurions xp doesnt save, like it saves, but once I close out of the game my gun goes back to unranked, so the highest I've gotten it was level 27 but now its back to 0 for example, and thats happened every single time I've logged out, im about to just grind it up to 30 in a archwing mission instead and I dont know if all archguns are like that or if its just till its lv 30 it'll reset when I log out, but so far its the only gun I've had do this and its only on orphi
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