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  1. 😰 @UhkretorWHAT. 5000?! But.... Ouch. 🤯 Well, going to buying those drones tonight then. XD
  2. Oh that's awesome. I did not know about the drones. That is definitely something I will need to look into as soon as I can. I can tell that resource requirements will be high just based off the recipe lists. Thank you for this!
  3. Thank you Chaotea! So far that has been my main gameplan. Just exploring everything one mission at a time, gather resources (forge always seems hungry 🤔) and just enjoying the overall experience. I guess what sometimes overwhelms me are all the notifications that pop-up when a limited time event happens, or when new end game content drops, things along those lines give me a little anxiety 😟
  4. Thank you for this :) Mods have definitely been on my top to-do list, since it helps me flesh out my build and allows me to try different things. I am struggling in terms of dismantling mods for Endo, as I do not know the value of each mod (especially how it will behave at higher tiers).
  5. This is fantastic! Thank you so much for your input. I consider myself lucky to have some people in my discord who are willing to go with me on mission and let me explore. I've set my privacy setting so it's friends only, and it really helps since I can find materials and get used to everything again. Appreciate you taking the time to answer this 😀
  6. Hi everyone! First time poster, and rather new to Warframe. I have played on and off casually over the past several years, however this time around, I decided to share my experience with people on Twitch. My concern is with the overwhelming information Warframe has, and how I can best navigate this info. I see a lot of resources already in the forums (which rocks!) and the Wikia as well. I would like to be able to have a gameplan that I can follow, especially early on in the game that would best help me get immersed in the universe (lore, builds, etc). So far, I have received nothing but
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