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  1. Massive OOF. This means no new content (at a minimum) until March or longer (3 Kuva weapons don't count as new content). 2020 is not looking good.
  2. This is incredibly short sighted. There's now no incentive to play. We don't stop getting focus when we max our trees, we don't stop getting affinity when our frame/weapons/etc are 30/40, we don't stop collecting resources at some magic number ... this is just an extremely bad change. Now anyone not at 10/10/10/10 + 1,023 can't prepare for the upcoming Command intrinsic (and those of us already past that can't prepare for whatever comes in the future). You've literally removed the reason to play Railjack. I have everything I want and was just playing to stockpile ... and now we're not allowed to stockpile. This is ridiculous.
  3. I really dislike the idea of a system where I'll have to interact with another player to get rid of a Lich I don't want. I should have a solo and deterministic way to dump it, preferably sooner to acquisition rather than later towards vanquish/conversion.
  4. Darn. This actually felt really nice while it lasted.
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