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  1. Same for the mods. I only play Arbitrations currently for endo and with these proposed changes I'm going to have to play it the same amount of time as current but I'll be getting even less endo due to the pool dilution + turning numbers down. How does this make any sense to anyone developing the mode?
  2. The "proposed fixes" are still missing the main point: we want more rewards for the same time invested. All you're doing is diluting things PLUS turning the numbers down so we earn an equivalent amount based on the same time as current rewards. This is not what we want. We want shorter rounds + higher rewards. Make a freaking game mode that encourages players to play it rather than endure it. MAKE. IT. WORTH. OUR. TIME. FOR ONCE.
  3. Disruption Demolyst guys are getting stuck in a spot on the Kuva Fortress - #1881950
  4. Loki, while invisible and with Hushed Invisibility (if that even matters), is being detected while using the synthesis scanner. Easy repro: Loki, Dakata Kuva Fortress, go invisible and be close-ish (15 meters or so) to an enemy and scan them with the Synthesis Scanner. Prior to mainline you'd scan them just fine, get 200 something points, and they'd be none the wiser. Now, after mainline, you scan them and they're instantly alerted and you get 68-ish points. It also 'wakes' up enemies nearby and they're all scrambling around alerted. Also, the entrance mines on Dakata that would always ignore you when invisible are now detonating when you get too close (and this used to not happen before mainline).
  5. I have Hushed Invisibility on as well. The mines that used to ignore me are now popping up when I get close, too. Something's changed for the worse. EDIT: I do the stealth synthesis scanning every day on Dakata so it's not like I'm coming at this with no experience/past history.
  6. Invis with Loki seems to be busted. Enemies see/hear you but don't shoot. You can easily tell by pulling out a Synthesis scanner and scanning someone close- they instantly detect you and you get 68 points vs. 202 points (I'm doing this on Dakata, Kuva Fortress).
  7. Are you guys aware that PoE animals have been broken in the Codex since the PoE remaster launched? Can you please fix this? Kuaka / Mergoo / Condroc do not show up properly on the Unaffiliated tab. And in the future, how do we make you aware of long-standing bugs like this? There have been multiple forum posts and Reddit posts since the remaster hit but the issue still remains. You steer us to making bug reports as forum posts but then they sit unresolved for days / weeks / months.
  8. PoE critters fixed in the Codex yet? Can't check in game... (they've been broken in the Codex since the PoE remaster launched).
  9. For anyone that hasn't tried, you have to click "Blueprint" to purchase something you already own (after you click on it and it pops up the 3 options). It's not intuitive at all and at first glance it looks like you can't buy something you own but you can. This is mainly for those that like to have 1 of every blueprint + 1 of every item crafted.
  10. One of these days they'll finally get to it... right now it has only been 62 days since 24.6.0 (PoE remaster) hit... *sigh*
  11. Just want to say that I love this change. Love seeing gold trophies in my spawn room.
  12. Maybe after Tennocon they'll finally fix the codex. I know I've personally made a post about it and countless others have as well.
  13. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas my favorite streams
  14. What's happening to the statements relating to looking in to revisiting Arbitration round/wave times that were made last (April 25th) Prime Time?
  15. Really bummed the Arbitration workshop wasn't handled differently. It was almost unanimous that no wanted the proposed changes yet nothing changed and it was pushed through. And no riven capacity increase when introducing new riven types?
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