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  1. It's an undocumented change, but thank you very much for giving Lavos a second energy color selection.
  2. Thank you for giving plenty of advance notice, really helps.
  3. This is personal conjecture and not any sort of decisive reasoning why syndicates should not be opposed to one another.
  4. Where does the glyph you currently have come from though? Additionally, is there a more up-to-date list like this, but for other glyphs that aren't promo-codes? Or a well-updated catalog of all glyphs?
  5. Why even have syndicates at all or have any interaction at all if you can just get all the rewards. Just make them drops at that point. I don't see why trading between players for other syndicate rewards is a bad thing at all.
  6. Thanks for the hotfix. If Lavos is secret best boy... Lavos in Action glyph return when?
  7. I have also experienced this. Additionally, at higher bounty levels this mission is almost impossible to complete (completely impossible with a nearby Necramech). The Grineer are scaled so highly that all of them (specifically the Trooper grineer with the shotgun) are capable of one-shotting infested the exact frame they spawn in, mostly preventing completion but absolutely denying any chance of obtaining the mission bonus. I have tried several frames and weapons and nothing is really able to out-perform the reflexes and accuracy of a computer AI with knowledge of the exact frame to attack. EDIT: I'd like to add that the consistency of being horribly outperformed by AI knowledge and reflexes of the Grineer is so routine, that I frequently just quit the bounty mid-stage and wait for it to cycle to a different set of missions, or just ignore the higher two tiers entirely until otherwise.
  8. Also experiencing this. Queuing and claiming items in the foundry seems to detect every single click as a double-click.
  9. Can confirm this happens to me as well. Queuing and claiming items in the foundry seems to detect every single click as a double-click.
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