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  1. 버그를 수정하기 위해 DE에 이미 문의했습니다 . 답변을 기다리는 중입니다. DE는 현재 10 시간 동안 응답이 없습니다. 나는 그것을 테스트했고 조증은 여전히 매우 높은 확률로 섀시 인 뉴로를 제공합니다.
  2. https://imgur.com/NC6FJ6k Acquired the Ash Chassis Blueprint from the "Neptune/Escape" mission.
  3. I discovered that DE had a very fatal problem. By any chance, I came to the Neptune escape. As expected, the chassis exists as a drop item..
  4. Thank you for encouraging me. But still, the attempt will continue :)
  5. I also wanted to make a smoking body ephemera, and I also wanted to farm the ash myself.
  6. 10.53% - ash system 10.26% - ash chassis R E L I C - 5.13% However, there is a higher chance of obtaining artifacts. RailJek parts are supplied endlessly. It's only 5% difference, and DE is a problem that can't be solved, so the community tells us to solve it. I need help.
  7. The most important problem here is the "C table" reward. This problem is very fatal and very inefficient. No matter what Warframe you're farming with, the minimum time is 20 minutes. It should be recalled that Ash is not a prime, but a "normal" Warframe.
  8. Corpus Railjet Venus, Pluto Proxima defense I have been farming for the last week, running every 20 rounds 15 hours a day. However, I have never earned even one. I ask if there are any Tennos I've gotten in about a week.
  9. 레일젝 방어 미션에서 애쉬 관련 문제가 있습니다
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