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  1. I just picked up Warframe after only playing it a couple hours since 2016 - I had barely progressed past Mercury, when I started playing again around a month ago. That said, now that I've completed my star chart and all of the major quests, I can safely say the plot reveals in the Second Dream and War Within were still mostly a surprise to me when I got to them. That said, there were definitely some hindsight realizations - things I saw before those quests, that didn't make sense at the time, but did once I'd seen what Operators are and the kinds of abilities they have. Point being, the
  2. At the moment, this is my one and only motivation for killing this guy. I just want him to stop spamming my damn comms!
  3. For the life of me, I don't understand why this takes so long. At first, I was only running missions on my Lich's controlled nodes, and immediately realized that gaining Requiem Hints this way... well I've seen paint that dries faster. Then I found out that you can obtain the Requiem Mods themselves, and just brute force the combination... except you need to grind for Requiem Relics... which drop maybe 1/3 tries... putting your total mission commitment to somewhere in the ballpark of 24 missions, unless you hit a lucky streak or get repeat relics or mods. Then you still need to open the
  4. I'm grinding for Xaku blueprints. I've noticed that, after completing a certain bounty once, a marker appears on the bounty's vendor tile showing "Completed". So far I've only received one blueprint through these bounties, and it was only on a bounty that hadn't yet been "completed" that day. Am I able to continue to grind bounties for those blueprints as-needed, or does "completing" the bounty change the reward pools for that day?
  5. This thread should get an award: "Launch Year Necro". Should get a profile badge, or something. Also, now I feel old af.
  6. As a newcomer, I have to say: this community is mild by comparison to Destiny's. I've played Destiny regularly since launch, and it's amazing how much rage that community is capable of throwing. This community seems like it gets a little pissy here and there, but never the outright savagery I saw in Destiny's forums and subreddits.
  7. Most veterans probably already know this, so this one's for the other rookies like me: Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the "Theme" dropdown. Select "Warframe Dark 4.5". Your eyes will thank you.
  8. So what you're saying is... you're halfway to being a fully self-aware Warframe? We'll have to work up a good name, and ability set. Only proper.
  9. I started a solo clan for a while, and created a forum clan (mostly because I didn't realize they were separate things). Now I've joined a proper clan, and deleted the in-game solo clan I was using. I'd like to leave and delete the clan on this forum as well. I can't see any way of doing this, however. Anyone have experience with this problem, or is this going to be a support ticket?
  10. Building the Drydock itself isn't actually too bad, if you've already cleared the Star Chart. In my case, I already had most of the required resources on hand, with the exception of the Tellurium. However, unless you've been running Invasions on a regular basis, the Railjack AI might prove a problem, as it did for me. I hadn't touched Invasions yet, so I didn't have any of the advanced resources required for construction. In addition, I had to collect those resources twice, as I first had to research the blueprint, then replicate it, and then build it in my foundry (which I only just did last
  11. From the Warframe Wiki (https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Clan): "If the user is the Founding Warlord of the clan, while in the "Communication", "Clan" menu, clicking on the username and select the option to leave will delete the clan."
  12. No. I use a Gmail address for my Microsoft account, and by extension my Xbox account. I assumed the filler was created due to the fact that my Warframe account is registered to my MS account, not directly to my DE account.
  13. Pretty obvious, at a glance: some Xbox players are wondering when their next-gen update will land, as it's been 3 months since the PS5's update, and the last direct mention of the update was in December. Typically, with a generation update, there's a 2-3 year grace period. In that time, you'll see developers continuing to develop games and updates for the prior generation. In this case, we'll probably see continued support for G8 until at least 2023, and then a gradual phase out to solely G9 support.
  14. Really? I must be behind on my PS news. Last I heard, PS5 was launching without BCC. Admittedly, I haven't really paid it much attention since I got my XBX.
  15. I think it's pretty simple: PS5 didn't launch with BCC. The XBX can play the XONE version of Warframe - given without the enhancements that would typically come with a full next-gen update. However, the PS5 cannot run the PS4 version of Warframe. Thus, given not developing an updated version would mean their game not being playable on PS5's at all, they went ahead and prioritized the PS5 version.
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