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  1. i mean i dont mind the mission but considering you have to buy the mission from arbitrations you would think they would have made it an arbiters of hexis mission which expands there lore and S#&$... arbiter is here watching the other factions bonding whit the tenno as they explore there back stories sulking in the corner as DE forgets about them
  2. its funny cuz you would think they would have copied scarlet spear for the endless missions and just do something like that for them XD just keep going flying from capital ship to capital ship until you cant survive anymore and then just head to the checkpoint when you want the mission to end
  3. i mean jesus i love how you guys keep adding squishy sentinels that die from level 30 enemies and for railjack of all things . is it so hard to make the sentinels bleed out like the kubrows ?
  4. wait now that i think about it ...isnt Railjack energy determined by the Engine of the railjack ? what will the engines do now ?
  5. does that mean i can just use hyldrins shields to cast stuff in railjack ?
  6. the one time he did the perma invis to me he kinda glitched and got stuck to a corner so it might have been a glitch but who knows. i wonder if Codex scanners or helios would reveal his location by attempting to auto scan or by using the marker weak spot ability . personally instead of invisibility id give him Wukongs Cloud walker since A it kinda gives him a semi teleport and B as soon as he attacks he would be forced to turn visible
  7. you mean the black orb mother ? they are finally releasing it ?
  8. now that i think about it isnt one of the main effects of magnetise on mag anchoring enemies in place and making them glue to each other ? what if it at least smallers enemies glue in place to ? it would definitely help whit eidolons by making the bombalyst drones glue to the eidolon allowing you to hit them all at the same time. its annoying having to scramble around looking for bombalyst when ever they start healing the eidolons shield so it would help if they all glue to the eidolong and i can just shawk them all in 2 shots
  9. so i noticed that i didn't have my full Codex scan of Alad and Zanuka so when i went back to finish scanning them they where just there T posing doing nothing .
  10. ... oh YEAH! I forgot about those , i dont hang out at deimos that much though so that explains that but i do remember them hanging of walls and stuff
  11. i think they actually added a parzon mod that somewhat does the restore ammo thing but it doesn't restores energy ... and yea its very difficult to get an enemy to 5% whit out over killing it and the few times i have had enemies in the perfect condition to parazon in comes my sentinel and shoots it in the face .
  12. i was going to mention Helminth but then i remembered helminth can only take one ability out of each warframe and for valkyr its warcry... so what we really need is for a future Helminth expansion to add more abilities you can swap out
  13. im pretty sure valkyrs first ability already functions like a spiderman zip line
  14. so essentially you want a return to the Old alert system ?
  15. i do say its quite interesting that we still dont have a single enemy that can walk on walls. not even the raknoids which are supposed to be literal robo spiders XD and that i know off the only enemy that can at least jump off walls are the Kavats and Zanukas which i wouldn't be surprised if they are using the same type of AI
  16. so essentially you wanted them to have more warframe/eximus powers? or just smarter AI like know how to jump or roll towards cover ?
  17. Honestly they really need to bring back the old blast status effect or change it to something else . like for example what if the status was 3 seconds of blindness in an excalibur sort of way but whit out the opening to assassination .
  18. TRUE!!! also considering the Melee focus blast would have allowed you to trip the enemy and assassinate it whit a floor finisher
  19. this, they should let you customize mandachord in the orbiters radio cosmetic thats in your room ( the one that lets you play stage music in the orbiter ). that way it becomes separate from the warframe and as such allows other warframes to use it .
  20. that sounds pretty cool but considering DE is saying they want to expand the Lich system to the other factions they would probably just make that in to the Infested version of the Liches .
  21. i mean mainly my main problem is not that i want him to be more dangerous but rather that he dies before he can even get to do anything specially since his fighting style is so melee focused at the moment were his only good long range attack is his exalted blade sword beam and whit the travel time it has you would have to be very distracted not to be able to move out of the way . if he at least one good long range attack like he had whit his bow or if instead of Rinos charge he had Atlas Homing Punch (which yes would make it harder to dodge but not impossible they could let you roll away as s
  22. XD idk if instantly kicking your ass whit out warning would be that good . you should have at least some warning before he starts kicking your ass.
  23. i dont see most infested being smart enough to have there own assasins . perhaps if it where arnos Zealots? i mean arnos cult was already sending people your way so they could just buff one up , perhaps give him the jurggernaut creep ability(where he essentially infest the floor marking a territory) which damages things that touch its territory and spawns infested from whit in that territory other infested powers and essentially make different from the zealot that acts as the Boss Fight in Deimos. they could be all like " join us Tenno , you are one of us tenno , JOIN US! you are just like US!
  24. i mean they already are , there are capital ships already and they act just like the missile platform only they have a ship captain, we could make it so that some have to for example shut down outside defenses before the Tenno can get in and fight captain and some of those defenses could require Railjack weapons to finish just like whit Crew Ships.(although allowing for missiles to be used instead incase we run out of the Nuke Lasers. or place enough resource in the map to recharge the nuke laser ) personally i think a Railjack version of Formorian battle would be Cool.
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