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  1. I just finished my first relic run after UI update and immidiately decided to hit forums if there already is better ideas to improve visibility for drop tiers and other things and your mockup adressed everything i have a problem with new UI. I hope dev team takes a look on this thread.
  2. When you toggle Fulmin to "auto" and cast Titannias Razorwing on/off, you increace zoom on Fulmin with every cast. This makes aiming down sights pretty unplayable after just few uses. Also Wisp doesn't deal any damage to eximus units with her Sol gate. I managed to kill some eximus units in simulacrum, but in sanctuary onslaugth eximus units seems to be always invulnerable to Sol Gate.
  3. One question: When? If the couch answers "Soon." gimme plat cuz i'm prophet
  4. What is the reasoning for having cooldown on atmospheric arch-guns. I don't think arch-gun power level justifies such long cooldown, even after it already got adjusted, why not remove it completely.
  5. Just remove archgun cooldown completely.
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