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  1. While I do think a more competent AI would make the mode more bearable, it is far from the only issue Defection has. I mean it already starts with its name, which pretty much describes what this game mode is. DE hasn't moved Harrow Systems without a reason. Because I don't know anybody who likes this mode. The rotations are one of the slowest in the game, the squads are, as you already said, braindead, and after a certain amount of rotations they are pretty much doomed as they get one shotted by everything with no proper way to defend them. Also, escort missions in video games in general belong to the worst kind of missions. So, the problem is not a small element, the gamemode is just fundamentally flawed and imho it deserves to face the fate of the raids: taken out, never to return to the game.
  2. With The New War coming in a few weeks, Sentients and Operators start taking the spotlight more. And connected to that Eidolon as well. When killing Eidolon you get a large amount of regular Eidolon Shards, that unlike their Brilliant and Radiant counterparts cannot be used for focus. You use them only for Paracesis and Rank-ups at the Quills. After that they are trash that you can't even sell. And once you completed your focus, the same goes for BES and RES as well and focus points you earn afterwards. So, my request is: Please give Eidolon Shards and Focus Points some kind of evergreen use. Thank you kindly.
  3. Seems like a mixture between Sparrow Racing from Destiny 1 and Mario Kart, anyway I dig it. Any type of content for K-Drive is a good thing, there is too little incentive to actually use K-Drive. Only problem is that it is connected to Conclave which nobody really plays (well not nobody, just not enough people to actually enjoy). Warframe is a PvE focused game and when we talk about content it should be based on that. Or Warframe needs a complete PvP overhaul, which I would be completely on board with when done correctly, but which is unlikely. Anyway thank you so much for your proposal. Anything to give K-Drive the attention it needs is great and your ideas have great potential.
  4. "Time to break out the Stug" Sorry, but I am not capable enough as a player to make that thing remotely viable XD
  5. Ambassador: "difficult RNG", you guys should go into politics XD "Removed Intensify from Mid-Level defection rotations", is this the point where we finally get the opportunity to bargain to not get Vitality or Ammo Case as as a rotation reward on Hydroid anymore? Please revise the rotation rewards for all endless game modes a bit. Pretty please ;( A little feedback on Yareli. She is still a rather disappointing frame, she lacks proper synergy, she is too squishy and her crowd control is still more of a crowd chaos. Hate to say it, since I dig her design, but she needs a more in-depth revise later down the road... Aside from that, thanks for the service, good bridge till the New War, looking forward to whats next.
  6. Hot take: I don't find Charm problematic. It doesn't trivialize/take away the challenge from the game. It cuts down the grind and I always consider that a good thing, especially considered that now the grind for Steel Path has become on the verge of unbearable if you don't have a booster. I instead would like to see Charm usable on all companions instead. About the survivability, yep, the way companions (except Vulpas) are now, they feel annoying on Steel Path and, if we talk about Robotics, completely useless due to their fragility. Thing is you're not the first one and not the last to promote enhancements in that regard. What we need is a full makeover for companions, but that is unlikely to happen unless a big important Youtuber (*cough* Shy *cough*) makes a video about it...
  7. While we are at it, can we have actual content that supports K-Drive?
  8. Chroma allows you to deal ridiculous damage with guns and gunblades. He is also great for profit taker and Eidolon. If you want a frame to fill some kinda important niches, Chroma is the way to go. Wukong is one of the most versatile frames and great for general gameplay. Also, his extra lifes are neat for arbitration. If you want a frame that is good to great for a lot of content, you should pick him. But honestly? You should try to ready as many frames as possible for battle, as there is a lot of content in the game and you want at least one optimal frame for each.
  9. I only think they should either improve single target weapons or create content that favors them, as it stands AoE and Melee stands head and shoulders above.
  10. Yeah, theorems are kinda buggy and those bugs are what make them somewhat valuable. Aside from that, don't bother with them unless you're going for a meme. They are basically just a placeholder (trash!!!) so people don't get Arum Spinosa and Sporothrix right away.
  11. Kinda misses efficiency/energy. As Nidus you are constantly using your abilities to stay alive. You use your Larva to pull the enemies together and use your first ability to gain stacks. Umbral mods are a must, yes, but you only need so much power strength to keep your stacks up and the damage reduction of your link as high as possible. And you don't want too much Duration, since you want to recast your Larva as often as possible and your link isn't going to stay that long with how fast we eliminate enemies these days. You might wanna trade your last ability for breach surge (Wisp) since in combination with the stats (high efficiency, somewhat high strength, somewhat high range, lowish duration) it works really well and helps getting more damage and CC. Proposal: Umbral Intensify + Vitality + Fiber Level 4 Fleeting Expertise Level 4 Streamline Stretch Transient Fortitude (maybe level 8 instead of 8) Primed Continuation (since 20% Duration is a little too low) Alternatively, you can use Augur Secrets instead of T. Fortitude and Augur Range for Primed Conti if you care more about Range than strength and you're fine to sacrifice 20% duration (which is honestly okay with Nidus). Also, if you have it, Primed Sure Footed has become kinda obligatory for any tank/CC frame, use it on your Exilus.
  12. The main issue in my eyes is, there is still a large divide between single target weapons and AOE weapons/melee. Yes, you can make 90% of the weapons work perfectly fine. But that takes a lot more work and resources. Why put up some ridiculous setup just to make the Burston Prime or Sybaris work, when you can have the same result (enemies dead) with far less expense by using Bramma or Kronen Prime? I think it is often times a question of convenience and efficiency. And considering how much of the content in which you get the best loot is so grindy, it requires you to either be efficient as heck or have no RL job. And because it sometimes takes up that mich time, we need our equipment to be efficient as heck. Imho, we don't need Aoe guns or Melee to be more powerful, but single target to get on the level of the other two.
  13. Use them until you can exchange them. Why bother with the worse version of something if you have the better version?
  14. As you already said yourself, you don't need them to do ridiculous amounts of damage. The primed smite mods are more of a cherry on top, if you really need the big numbers. Generally spoken, as long as you know what you have to do you can achieve high damage with pretty much any weapon. Thing is, it is a lot less annoying getting high damage and kill rate with e.g. Kronen Prime and Bramma than with let's say the regular Bo or Burston Prime. In the end it's a lot about convenience not damage I would say.
  15. "Wisp Prime most anticipated" This made me smile, considering she is my favorite frame. There are few frames that offer so much versatility. Seriously, depending on how you mod her, she becomes a completely different frame. And unlike Gara, she doesn't need too specific resources and setups to be really great. I would have expected Sevagoth to be higher on the list though(especially considering Grendel and Garuda exist, that a VERY niche). Yareli on the other hand is no surprise, she is a terrible frame and needs a complete overhaul.
  16. First, would be nice if you could post the actual stats. I know it's Slash and CD, but depending on the MR and RNG the actual stats vary a bit. Also, does it have a negative stat and if yes, what kind of stat? No matter the stats don't expect too much, Soma Prime is a single target weapon and thus in bad spot, so very few players touch that garba...uh weapon.
  17. Yes, having somewhat of a dying light character was what was originally intended. But changes of plans are absolutely a natural process in videogame development. Or as my father always says: nothing is as constant as the change.
  18. Make all Tenet weapons available at the store and let any defeated candidate drop 2 holokeys. Still grindy, but lessens the RNG for getting the Tenet weapons of choice (I spend entire afternoons just rerolling the sister and still didn't get the weapon I wanted) and for getting the keys. I know that more grind equals more busy players equals more profit and you want players to go on Railjack missions more, but let's face it, the RNG regarding Tenet and Kuva weapons is getting out of hand and Railjack is still not finished and will need at least 2 more large overhauls.
  19. I am not certain if Squad Link will ever return on a great scale. I can imagine it to be a programming nightmare.
  20. Honest Opinion? They should do with Conclave, what they did with Raids. DE should generally start cutting down the game a bit again, as lots of content just exists for the sake of existing with no updates or improvements at all. But Conclave would be a good start. Sorry though for the 12 players...
  21. Grigori is perhaps one of the most intriguing melees in the game. The Heavy Slide attack is worth it's own setup and the Combo Counter stopping while holstered works really well with Prim/Sec Dexterity. It most certainly works towards what they were aiming at with the balancing update: It makes you change up your play style and your weaponry. Livia is imho better than the other two TH-Nikana, because of the high slash and again the CoCo pause, which as with the Grigori supports a versatile play style. It's good, but it is not supreme. Exec is rather generic and kinda must be played a slash mod, since that is the only way to deal actual decent damage with it. The high Crit Rate is nice and the shockwaves are a nice gimmick. But it doesn't make the weapon go beyond above average. The Agendus has apparently a really powerful heavy attack, but I don't know details as I haven't played it myself yet...
  22. Anything works well with Octavia, she is pretty much the strongest frame in the game. But since you probably don't want to get too close her first ability orb, I guess Glaives are pretty good.
  23. Pretty elaborate for something that is on the level of a troll XD Jokes aside though, if you want yeeting around, just play Hydroid or Yareli for a bit. There is reason why these two are often considered to be among the worst frames in the game...
  24. I mean from a business pov it makes sense. The more players spend with that ridiculous grind the more they play the game and the more they are likely to spend plat on buying the liches from other players. And considering that their next major update is gonna be The New War which won't be released until December, they would want something to close the gap inbetween, and that something is the Tenet/Kuva weapon grind. But I just really hope that later down the road when it has become less relevant and less players spend time and money on it, they change it up and this kind of stuff for new players to come. Because let's face it, Liches as they are now, are not super-terrible, but we all know DE can do better.
  25. Rejoice, children, for it is story time. Recently when farming for a sister with the Tenet Envoy, I needed a few more attempts than I expected. In fact, after about 10 attempts I felt mildly annoyed, after about losing 20 Zenith Crowns, I was kinda...fuming, but after burning through over 40 Zenith crowns, seeing every other weapon at least 4 times and having wasted not less but an entire afternoon, just to make an Envoy sister spawn, only for that sister to have a 27% envoy, I developed a kind of hollow anger, that I have not even developed playing through the entirety of the Soulsborne series (including Sekiro). And when I finally got the envoy my only thought was: "Why? Why does this happen?" And the thought that followed after a lot of blankly staring at my screen was: Can we have Orphix Venom reward progression for this? For those who missed out on the OV event: DE introduced a kind of hybrid reward progression that was universally well received during said event. You could get most of the new stuff from reward rotations, but while playing the event you also automatically earned credits for a shop. So, if you didn't get the part that you wanted, you could instead buy it with event creds. We already have an in-game store at the Perrin Sequence, that at this point only sells special Tenet melees. But I would like to see all Tenet weapons available at the store. When killing a not-yet-sister, you would gain 2 Corrupted Holokeys (the currency at the store), so if even after 20 attempts, you still couldn't spawn the weapon of your choice, you can at least get it from the shop. Also, I would like to see a similar store for Kuva Weapons at Steel Meridian, though that one running with Kuva. With a pool of almost 20 Kuva weapons (that will only get more), I think we should have some kind of control over what we get and this would be a way to do it.
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