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  1. Saw some of the changes coming to Yareli soon. Can we have Armor Strip on her first ability? Would make sense for a mobile Dps frame. Also if the animation of her abilities wouldn't make her stick in place would be nice.🙏
  2. Heracles or Roman themed, I mean the Orokin empire feels a little like the Roman empire, yet there is no frame that feels Gladiator/Greek Soldier like
  3. About her 3. Just make her blades scale with enemy level similar to Vauban puncture mine and let them do slash procs reliable.
  4. I have been grinding Endo and Vitus essences for weeks. And getting the necessary Formas and the Arcanes will take another few weeks. Weeks of farming for the buffs that were supposed to get guns on the level of melee while the most common/popular melee mods get nerfed. Seems kinda wrong to me :(
  5. Haven't had much time to hunt Liches/Sisters, could you tell us the stats please? Also, if possible, those for the Kuva Hek as well. Thx in advance :D
  6. Get her a second time to feed to Helminth ;) Edit: So, tbh, I am not perfectly fine yet with her, even with the changes coming to her. Please shorten the animations of the abilities or make them mobile. Her passive should build up decay the Crit Rate over time instead of a hard cut once you stop moving. For her first ability, pls add Armor and Shield Strip. It would really help her nature as a mobile Dps-Frame. For her second ability, allow all abilities to be used without animations and allow Helminth abilities to be used on the K-Drive. 95% Damage Reduction, also allow us to mod it. Maybe add some extra ability strength or efficiency when using abilities on the K-Drive. Make her Aqua Blades' range moddable and make the damage scale with enemy level similar to Vaubans puncture Mines. Maybe decrease the base damage as a Helminth ability afterwards, so it doesn't go completely out of control. Finally on Riptide add massive cold procs and enemy pull. No matter how often you try, scattering enemies all over the place will always be bad.
  7. With the elimination of Gladiator Mods on Deconstructor, Helios has pretty much become obsolete and with that the last robotic companion has become obsolete. Please rework companions. Thank you. Also Meta-Guns have become more meta, while bad weapons have been left behind even more. Finally 270.000 Endo, 180 vitus essences and at least 128 dead acolytes just to make most guns Steel Path viable is kinda excessive.
  8. About Lich hunting: it is not a process you're supposed to do in one week. You're supposed to every now and then hunt a lich or two and then move on to something else again. If you just burn through those liches in one go, you're also burning through yourself. The grind is ridiculous, so cut it into small pieces.
  9. Unpopular Opinion: I don't have a problem with a little powercreep. Here is why: First, limiting the players to artificially increase the difficulty of the game seems counter-intuitive to a power fantasy. I know some players enjoy hitting enemies with wet noodles and dying over and over, but I myself and I would argue many other people enjoy ripping through enemies like they are paper. Second, with how bad the grind has gotten lately (and how worse it will get with Sisters of Parvos) we need to be able to get rid of our enemies as efficient as possible. So, when I hear people saying we need nerfs, well they can pick up a MK-1 Braton and take ten times longer grinding stuff if they want. I for my part do not enjoy spending more time than necessary on some tedious grind. Third, all this power creep would mean nothing if we had more mechanic based content. And we would have more of that if more resources went into the development of that and not into the fruitless attempt of trying to balance the game by nerfing the most popular weapons into the ground. Honestly, let powercreep go its way and make more difficult enemies and mechanic based content instead. But like I said unpopular opinion, FIGHT ME!!! 🧐
  10. Take the person above me with a little grain of salt. While Warframe still has it's issues it's not as bad as they might make it seem. So, first thing, the introduction of liches. You usually get a lich from playing a normal mission on Sedna or Saturn. Kill the liches to get their weapon or spare them to get them as allies. You need to play Kuva Siphons for Requiem Relics that contain special mods for your Parazon that you need to get in the right order to defeat them. The weapons need five formas for max rank btw. Get Kuva Nukor and Bramma first, they are the meta, but most of the other weapons are great as well. Deimos is the new open world and arguably better balanced than the other two. You get to know all the important characters, the open world is not too large and empty as Fortuna and the bounties are not as problematic as before. Also it has it's fair share of secrets so exploring to a certain degree is actually worth it this time. Steel Path is basically hard mode and you unlock it at Teshin's place in the relay after playing your first arbitration. Also the shop for Steel Essences, the SP exclusive currency is located there as well. Nice place to get some Kuva. About Game Balance: Melee rework basically turned every melee weapon in the game into a monster. Weeping Wounds, Blood Rush, Condition Overload, attack speed mod, Primed Range, Crit Damage are a must. Also Viral +Slash/Fire is king now and shield getting prevents any frame with at least a little bit of shield left from getting one-shotted. Harrow, Mag and many other squishy frames have become endgame viable. Finally the elephant in the room. Railjack. For now you should focus on getting the mods and parts from high level mission. There is no shame in joining other players to get high level equipment as soon as possible. Get familiar with the innards of RJ before you start though as nothing is more annoying than a useless teammate. You unlock RJ from a quest that you should have available by now. Finally, avoid trade chat as best as you can. People are still cancerous there. Wtb Loki Prime 150p, wts Loki Prime 500p. Classic -.-
  11. Please make Black Energy Color visible. Thank you very much 🙏
  12. Any ideas what the Legendary Ranks will look like?
  13. A little bit of information on rivens. It's a little bit like fine dining: either perfect, a groll, absolutely glorious or bad trash. There is usually nothing inbetween. So, you either get 100s of plat or a small pocket change. Of course there exceptions to the rule, but in my experience, people refuse to pay more than 100 plat for anything that is not their wet dream...
  14. An item to immediately dispatch your lich without getting a weapon or the lich sounds reasonable. Would love that idea. Might wanna put it in the feedback section though. DE does not read general discussion...
  15. It really depends what kind of content you play and what your playstyle is. I am a minimalist, I want maximum results with minimum effort, so Wisp is kinda my favorite frame. She can practically do anything except nuking, with just the right modding. Saryn is really good at nuking but she is also too fragile on high level content and she already starts struggling at Steel Path missions. I would argue that Octavia is the strongest frame in the game, she can do anything exceptionally except for the raid bosses, but boy is she boring to play. I always hear good things about Gara, but she is a frame for...diligent people, which I am not. Khora is one of the best CC frames and a real glass cannon, probably the best frame to farm focus in SP. I probably never will get warm with Equinox, which is indeed a shame since well, look at my profile pic but apparently some people can achieve ridiculous results with her.
  16. I mean, taking in consideration that originally NW seasons were planned to last about 10-15 weeks max and only the first season and the following intermission managed to stay inside that time frame, this is kind of sad. I hope that they announce the next season at Tennocon, half a year is more than enough for an intermission...
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