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  1. How about taking another look at the opticor metallics someday? Seriously the base opticor is so dark it makes coloring it almost pointless to the extent a person has to switch to the old legacy colors in order to get something remotely bright. Its the same with the vandal, but at least that one was given a little better setup so the colors are more noticeable. Please consider toning them back if you would to something closer to what was done for tetra as an example for metallic tones. As a fan of the weapon I would be most grateful if this would get looked at and improved on.
  2. My thanks to whoever fixed the invisible hazards in hive missions, that was a real pain in the behind trying to avoid what could not be seen. I literally was stocking up on arcane nullifiers just to get immunity from those mag status effects. So, a big THANK YOU for fixing that, DE.
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