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  1. Second update to my first page post but I will be posting here again as well in case you (DE) don't read posts again for whatever reason. Again I'm a Switch Player going primarily off the Patch Notes with pictures, and other constructive feedback posts taken to fill in the blanks as needed. Tactical and Battle "Avionics": Tactical: I don't like the changes I'm hearing about, frankly the fact that we can't have Void Cloak (which should just be a feature at this point since everyone intelligent uses it, but more on that in a bit) and Battleforge together anymore is stupid. Really, Real
  2. So this touches upon things I mentioned in another post in the equipment feedback thread, and again I'm a Switch player who is only going off patch notes and pictures from forum posts. Missions: I don't understand the logic that went behind including endless mission types behind a meaningless Railjack mission. In fact I don't understand including any of the normal groundbased Warframe missions in Railjack beyond what we already had in the Grineer railjack missions. If people were complaining that it all said Skirmish then there was an easier fix since it really wasn't just all Skirmish.
  3. An update to my post on the first page. Reminder: I'm still a Switch Player, I have yet to be touched by these changes, but I'm no slouch at game mechanics and dev processes and actually playing stuff is not necessary as much as you might think. I'm still drawing this purely from Patch Notes and forum posts. I'll be updating my first post as well with this info but as I'm not sure if you (DE) go back to re-read stuff I figured I'd post the new stuff here as well. Reactors: I'm glad that Reactors are doing something else now, but I'm really confused as to why our Mark 3 pieces are actuall
  4. I'm going to chime in, as a Switch Player who these changes haven't affected yet, I have no interest in having to invest even more credits, and more Endo into upgrading the Avionics and stuff I already have upgraded to perfection. If I'm consistently able to solo the Anomaly nodes right now, come this update I should be able to do the exact same thing after taking into account the changes to Tether. Regarding the Plating here are my thoughts: I should be able to after respeccing my Intrinsics, be able to jump back into the Veil Proxima and not hit any snags. Instead I'm hearing that this
  5. As much as I applaud the upgrade and I acknowledge that it takes serious work for the Devs to come up with, this is not an upgrade for most users. This is added hassle for no benefit. Please seriously consider not applying this change @[DE]Megan and team, because this is not something anyone wants. The progress bar is nice, but I'd rather not have it if it requires me to redeem via Twitch instead of automatically getting rewards.
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