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  1. Gonna bump this. Still happening as of now. Twice happened to me today doing arbi mission. Sucks that the entire team forced to extract as soon as possible because of me.
  2. Alright if that's the case then maybe I was the one who's at fault. Even though he read my message incorrectly. Thank you for the given informations though this will help :D
  3. So he was correct for reading my message on trade chat incorrectly? I literally said 5:6p each = each pieces is equivalent to 6 plats. Is that so hard to understand?
  4. As I stated there's the word "Each" "5:6p each". Do you guys even understand what I'm saying or y'all just protecting this old player?
  5. I don't know if guys supporting him because he's an old warframe player while I'm a newbie. Pretty sure what I indicate is so simple yet he doesn't understand it. And fyi I see this community kind of not welcoming to a new player like me. You guys have a great day :D
  6. I don't know if this the right place to post this but I had to. Stay alert with this guy. He has a very piece of S#&$ comprehension. And to guy who's on this pic if you're here please read a lot rather than playing. (Note: I didn't even noticed that he said 5:6p without the word "each" until we undergo to the trading session that's why I invited him. Maybe I do have bad reading comprehension as him but I literally said on the trading chat "each" for 5 pieces) Edit: Alright I covered the guy's name which it shouldn't to all of u be aware on this playe
  7. THIS. Despite Vaykor Hek is much better and powerful variant, my preferences is still on normal Hek because Scattered Justice ain't applicable for Vaykor Hek.
  8. First of all, I don't care for weapon designs on how fancy they look. Second, yes I do enjoy shotguns. In fact, on every shooter or fps types of game I always picked shotgun (sorry bad habit i guess). Third, no, I just enjoy using this shotgun. And lastly, as far as I saw posts on the web about Vaykor Hek, it's more of a raw damage/crit damage type of weapon which means it has a lot more power than the normal. Of course, I do love that. On ther other hand, Normal Hek is combination of raw damage and stats (correct me if I'm wrong on this part) - the reason why I enjoyed using this normal he
  9. Great! I saw the overall stats by replacing those mods by using warframe-builder, and yes your suggestion is great. Thank you for this, I have more varieties/alternatives on putting mods on my Hek.
  10. Thank you for the information and suggestion about this. And, yes, I would try different weapons, but as of now I'm gonna stick with Hek.
  11. I saw many posts that Hek is a suitable endgame weapon and most likely I won't use any weapons as I enjoy Hek so much and spend 2 formas on it and planning more on the future for it to make better. My question is, is this sample build good? I'm open for suggestions. Site used for this build: http://warframe-builder.com/s/170d60e3839401b4
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