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  1. Remember in Ready Player One during the Great Battle of The Oasis, the little kids whose avatars were the TMNTs were flipping and jumping in real life? You people really need to get over your motion sickness (just teasing 😋). But it does go away after repeated uses. Also OP i don’t understand, why is it in 3rd person view? If we’re the operator, wouldn’t we be in first person? And the operator is interacting with the Warframe in first person, so everything would be first person.
  2. I don’t understand why they continue to introduce new characters that are barely developed when they have a plethora of existing characters that are barely expanded upon. There’s already tons of story threads that need to continued, why on earth are new ones being set up!?
  3. I think a Tenno civil war could happen after the war with NL and RV. After all, aren’t the Tenno human at their core? They had parents, families. They’ve just been altered by the void. Compare them to the Grineer, who are just clones, the level of humanity is nowhere near the Tenno’s, the Grineer are just fodder. So for some Tenno’s, actually killing human operatives who are simply fighting to avoid a perceived extinction by races who are no longer human, could bring about some massive cognitive dissonance and a psychotic break. Or maybe even just a bitter world view that develops into h
  4. Both are extremists. Both are violent. And both are itching to commit wanton murder and genocide. I want to call them antagonists and not villains. If I was a traumatized human in the Warframe world living on a relay or colony, in constant fear of Grineer or Corpus I wouldn’t trust SM or PS simply due to sheer ignorance and fear (which leads to racism). I would align with other human factions out of sheer survival, not because of villainous intentions. So while the Tenno are off fighting Sentients, the Corpus/Grineer numbers are dwindling from fending off Sentient AND Tenno attacks i
  5. If that’s Scott’s vision for Warframe they need to move to dedicated servers for all that to work lol
  6. New Proposed Game Mode: THE ADAMA MANEUVER! 8 players but can scale up for more Must invade a Corpus/Grineer planet and infiltrate a base/rescue a friendly faction that’s currently under fire. But the enemy have a shipkiller platform as well as a shield that surrounds the planet so normal entry can’t be done. And there’s NO TIME for a boring enter the shipkiller and disable, so what do we do?! WE’RE GONNA MAKE A JUMP INTO THE PLANET’S ATMOSPHERE!! and then freefall to the surface! 4 players will jump out of the railjack while its freefalling in their archwings and fight their way to
  7. Trading can be summed up in one word. Disorganized. Maroo’s Bazaar should have its name revoked. It is a mess of wings, glowing S#&$ all over the place, wild colours and ephemera flying everywhere, I can barely see what people are trying to sell and my anxiety goes through the roof because of how messy it is. If they do not want to create an AH then pay the creators of WF market and integrate the site into the game or create their own WTB/WTS board where the listing gets removed when you log out. There’s no reason why a spectre can’t set up a trading shop for me, and
  8. Here’s a bug with this week’s Nightwave. Go to POE/OV/Deimos pick up Steel Path bounty. Run to elevator, wait for it to open, step out then step back into elevator towards the hub. Congrats you just finished a steel path mission. This is on console so I imagine this should’ve been beta tested on PC first but I guess not.
  9. Because they stopped playing their own game and go off of what YouTubers say. Anytime they talk about “balance” I roll my eyes. Nyx is still trash. Countless other frames are used solely in niche situations, but then the more popular frames can do that niche job and more, leaving those niche frames in the dump. Vulpaphyla outclasses every single pet because of their self-revive. Amesha STILL outclasses every single Archwing. None of this is addressed because the YouTubers don’t bring it up, so DE won’t touch it. It’s quite sad. Also other mmo’s with simpler systems can’t even balance
  10. Some of you guys are really cynical lol. Comic book adaptations to film and tv were cheesy and campy in the beginning before ACTUAL FANS with creative talent started making them. Currently, video game movies are not being produced by either of the above categories (Prince of Persia I thought was good though, and I’m looking forward to the new Mortal Kombat). What a Warframe tv series or movie needs is a screenwriter and director WITH talent that respects the source material enough to stick with it, and then decide whether the operators are revealed at the end of S1/end of first movie
  11. Lol we’re going to be right back to post #7, 9 and the others after them complaining about how weak melee is compared to primaries after this “nerf” 🤣 This 5 year old thread is perfect reasoning why nothing melee should be touched. Buff primaries.
  12. Farming railjack for archgun elemental mods so I can bring my necramech with radiation damage to eidolon fights so I can farm focus for my operator...
  13. Why do people want changes/nerfs to CO/BR/WW??? I don’t understand. Warframe isn’t competitive in the slightest. SP is done solo, multiple people have admitted to doing so. There are no raids, no trials, no leaderboards, why does it matter how someone else plays if you don’t play with them to begin with and you play solo. It’s so strange. It’s like asking SE to nerf Sahz in FFXIII because he overpowers Hope, such a bizarre thing to ask for. And yes, this example is ludicrous because asking for melee nerfs is just as ludicrous Perhaps focus our attention on fixing the bugs?
  14. Is there something I’m missing? I’ve done quite a lot of AW missions and RJ missions, and the only elemental mod that I’ve seen dropped is the cold one.
  15. That was my intention. I knew Ivara Prime was locked at MR8 and he was only at 1. If he had gotten the blueprint (and the grind for the mats when he’s only at Mars/Deimos), he wouldn’t be able to craft it until he levelled up and learned the game a bit more. So he would have gotten his wish of getting a Prime, but he wouldn’t be able to use it.
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