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  1. I don't have this bug, but some clan mates are having this. And some people on the clan chat that ARE online are not showing online on the clan chat therefore not be able to be invited
  2. Same problem here, but I'm having the "Network not responding" error even with no problem with my ISP
  3. Some clan mates of mine are having the same issue, we have to invite another clan mate that doesn't have the bug to be able to invite the one that have this bug.
  4. After the Octavia Update I'm having from time to time the "Network not responding" thing on my screen. My ISP is doing fine, I can still listen to my friends on PSN Party chat but in-game the network keeps happening this and disconnecting me sometimes. Yesterday even after I finish the mastery test and completed, It happened the "Network not responding" and pushed me back to the orbiter and I now have to wait for 24 hours to retry. It never was like this, I assume it was like this because of Octavia update and servers overloading but It's on a terrible point at the moment. How do I fixed it? I
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