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  1. BlaineKodos

    Hotfix 19.0.3

    Controller functionality was not fixed for me. Crouch still does nothing in the new mechanic, which means having to use a keyboard to use half of the functions of it. All that's changed on that front is now I need to hold the button to activate it instead of tap it, which I assume is related to the option setting I have on powers so powers with press and hold functions are reversed, as I want to quickly tap for Vauban mines and hold to switch through them. Decorator Mode is still a crapshoot, half the time pressing (Y) to place decorations works, half the time it does nothing. It can change in the same session where it once worked and suddenly doesn't work. Placing Ayatan Stars into a sculpture seems to be closer to working, but the cursor is off-center much like the Star Chart was for a while. The visible cursor is to the upper left of where the functional, invisible cursor is. I don't know what changes you actually made, but they did nothing on my end. Might I suggest not using Toggle Crouch for this stuff, seeing as I have one omni-present Crouch/Slide/Roll button that makes more sense to use?
  2. BlaineKodos

    Recurring Nightmares

    "Archwing is still Archwing!", huh? That's some self-aware stuff right there.
  3. BlaineKodos

    Coming Soon: Devstream #82!

    Same question as last time: with the rise of DIY shelving solutions, are there any plans to add actual, purpose-built shelf units for landing crafts? Some of us don't want to buy loads of otherwise unused displays just to make some shelves to fit all of our decorations.
  4. BlaineKodos

    The Vacuum Within: Hotfix #2

    The Backpedal Within It was nice while it lasted, at least. In the end, Carrier Prime gets a buff and no one will be trying any other sentinels due to the vacuum because they already stuffed forma into their golden vegetable and "it's the only one that can survive" so... yay. Now it's also a free ammo mutation. The rich get richer.
  5. BlaineKodos

    Coming Soon: Devstream #81!

    There's no way this will get picked because it's so far back, but may as well try anyway: With the increasing popularity of DIY shelving with creative use of displays, are there any plans to implement proper shelves for us to decorate the landing craft with? I've seen people do very interesting things with the makeshift shelves, but I'd rather not buy an excess of panoramic displays I don't plan to use just to try and make a space for my Ayatan scultpures. I'd be much more interested in some purpose-built shelving units, though. Maybe small ones that attach to walls and large ones that stand on the ground? Please at least give it some thought.
  6. BlaineKodos

    Warframe Prime Time #133: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    Well now you both have to use the Gram. Get glam with Gram!
  7. BlaineKodos

    The Silver Grove

    Huh, I always just figured I was having bad timing and kept missing them.
  8. BlaineKodos

    Coming Soon: Devstream #78!

    Is there any chance of replacing the dual boss battle on Ceres (formerly Phobos) with another, new boss in the future? It's bugged me ever since the introduction of Corrupted Vor that this boss fight exists from a lore standpoint. At the current state of the game, Vor is very clearly killed after our encounter with him narratively, as this death is necessary for his resurrection in the Void. Yet some time after his death at our hands he is revived through unmentioned means along with Lech Kril who we also have assumedly killed in order to try and take us out as a team. Mechanically there is nothing wrong with the fight, but it sticks out like a sore thumb. If they are indeed here to stay, it would be appreciated to at least sprinkle in some story explanation. Either amend the previous encounters with Vor and Kril so they flee from the battle like Vay Hek does, implying they teamed up to save face before ultimately being killed or add a line about them being clones (not uncommon for Grineer higher-ups) sent at us in a pair to hopefully not anger the queens and send more important Grineer after us (Ruk, Regor, etc). It's not really that important, but it's one thing that bugs me about the newly streamlined starchart progression.
  9. I hope changing the chat means you're looking into fixing the integration on controller players with the existing chat. I play in Big Picture mode and have a keyboard connected (which is good because pressing the T key is the only way to bring up the chat at all) and after pressing the X button on my 360 controller to engage typing I get this: This is horrible if it occurs in a mission because I'm not able to see the game screen at all. It almost feels like being punished because I learned how to play this type of game on a controller and not a keyboard.
  10. BlaineKodos

    Coming Soon: Devstream #67!

    Any word on the Mag rework? When Rhino was still in the process of his rework, Scott mentioned she was being moved up the queue and that plans for her were going to be more drastic than simple tweaks. Mag holds a special place in my heart for being my chosen starter frame two years ago, and I'm anxious to see what becomes of her. She's had a rocky history and I want to see her be the frame she deserves to be.
  11. BlaineKodos

    Hotfix 18.2.3

    Now does this mean they're intended to drop from Reinforced and Rare containers, or is this a case of confusing terminology?
  12. BlaineKodos

    Update 18.1.0 [Spoilers!]

    Jeez, I just noticed the obtain method for Nezha. That's gross. That's really, actually gross. I'm surprised and upset.
  13. BlaineKodos

    Update 18.1.0 [Spoilers!]

    Erm... why would you make a sword and dagger skin for a Dual Swords weapon that is not a sword and dagger instead of one of the several others we have that are...? Nami Skyla springs to mind immediately. Confused here. Also, still no Rhino Palatine icon, but Loki Knave gets one at launch? Why do you hate me? :(
  14. Because she has functionally no shields.
  15. BlaineKodos

    Hotfix 18.0.1

    Try shooting, if you haven't. It helps get you where you need to go, and you'll need to do it once you get there anyway.