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  1. With the Prime cycle now entering the age of Warframes having signature weapons, like Octavia's Tenora and Pandero getting the Prime treatment, does this mean that we can expect much more predictable weapons for future Prime Access? There are some good ones to be had, but there are also still some gaps left to be filled like a Primed Whip, Machete, Blade & Whip, Speargun, Archgun and Archmelee to name a few.
  2. Using a Sepfahn Zaw as a Nikana leads to invariably a bug where the scabbard sort of wanders wherever it wants to. Often not even attached to the Warframe at all, it sort of does what it pleases if and when you swap to or from using the Zaw as your focal weapon. This bug persists across weapon skins as well. In case it matters to replicating, this is using the standard left hip holster position.
  3. No matter what color you set your Operator suit to, the Mother's Mask will always be black with a red hue when it was fully colorable before. Forgive the potato quality TV photo, but I set every colorable channel here to white to illustrate how it doesn't take any color currently.
  4. I really want to like the ol Thickroll but I really can't grasp him. I know the basics, you eat enemies and use the three buffs. But his energy always feels like it evaporates before you can really get going and it feels like a fool's errand to try and eat more than five enemies at a time. I know he's not very popular, but does any kind Tenno like the thicc boi and have some playstyle tips to share? I've got tons of resources stashed for Helminth stuff and forma so I don't mind upending everything I have on him if it makes him more accessible.
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