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  1. A little sad to see the Conquera Syandana being changed. I understand why, but it looks very good in other colors as well. Hopefully we can get a colorable version sometime in the future, because it's very well modeled.
  2. Came to make the same post. I was very annoyed to learn this was the case, especially with how long it takes to level one up without any good mods to work with.
  3. I'm feeling bored of using the same few melee weapons and I want a drastic change of pace. I love punching and kicking usually, so in the current state of melee weapons, which are the best options in these classes to invest in?
  4. Forgive the potato quality of the photo, but I have 8 subsumed Warframes here (with almost completely done Nova, pictured) and I seem to be missing a flower still. In addition, two in the upper left there seem to be sunken into the wall and only their energy light is visible.
  5. I'm not sure when, but while coloring a newly built frame today I noticed that right on the d-pad doesn't move to the secondary color box as it should. It instead zooms past towards the Energy stat on the far right. This is annoying since that box is a bit tricky to accurately get with an analog stick. I tested this with a few other frames and it seems to do it to all, so I don't believe it's frame specific.
  6. Warframe has had a lot of events in its time, and some of them served narrative roles in introducing us to characters or other important plot lines. I was thinking about this while rerunning Tyl Regor assassinations for Equinox so I can feed her to Helminth, and how he mentions how he loved the tubemen. If you didn't know about the old Tubemen of Regor event, you might not know what he even means. There's also a lot of voiced dialogue that's just been unused since those events. What I'm suggesting is really just present old events that had story elements to them as short Quests with reduc
  7. I'm still a bit behind due to the Switch cert delay, but looking at the revivification menu I noticed the subspecies are all selectable for the part which grants mastery. Is this just picking the base model or is this like the MOAs and each grants mastery? Does anyone know yet if, for example, Pharaoh and Vizier Predasites both are worth their own mastery or if it's just a choice?
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