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  1. And you wonder why the community is often refereed to as a hall rabid whiteknights?
  2. Usually when in mobile or doing search most of the text in the site are in chinese texts.
  3. 3/4. And sarpa was mr fodder for exactly the reason you stated. Gunblades are heavy attack focus.
  4. Yet they keep saryn and mesa and whatever nuke frame still up. Damage isn't just one factor that DE forgets content. For one thing, they can't long term plan. And they're spaghetti coding has finally started to buckle. Yeah geting stuck in doors is so fun. Atleast necramechs pass through it with funny animations
  5. you do realize that the beginning of the game was the biggest hook newbies have when starting this game, right?
  6. Yes you kept proving right, so many bloody times. DE clearly doesn't want space fights. because new railjack is 10% railjack 90% basic missions. Again we call it TAXIjack, for a reason. It clearly shows how big of a mistake it was catering to your type that railjack is an even worse state than it is now.
  7. Gunblades really are the alligators of warframe arsenal. So many nerf updates, yet they've remained largely untouched.
  8. Speedrun =/= Standard. Also once again. Thank you for proving my point of why gian point was removed.
  9. Remember a time when warframe abilites were mods. It wasn't great.
  10. again with the rushing 2 mins. It takes longer than that to do a typical gian point session even with a full crew. You clearly never played gian point that much if you keep lying about the standard mission times. Idc about your desires, anyone can tell it's a really stupid idea from the get go. Railjack is dead because it;s a slog, it's boring, it's the same the mission we do in the game but with more padding to it. It's called taxijack for a reason.
  11. the game's quality has been going downhill even before tencent acquisition. If anything, the extra dosh tencent brings should have improved the game's quality. But DE isn't known for it's long term planning.
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