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  1. The update is still a buggy mess. And they kept the knife stuck permanently in the wound too. Good job DE...
  2. TYPE: In-Game, Switch DESCRIPTION: Lavos losing his Elemental Imbuement UI VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Lavos in public setting Unknown EXPECTED RESULT: UI missing OBSERVED RESULT: Half the time the UI returns back to normal REPRODUCTION RATE: 50% TYPE: In-Game, Switch DESCRIPTION: Forward Artillery Turning to regular turrets VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: 1 when players enter the artillery and exit 2 sometimes the turret turn into normal gunner turrets EXPECTED RESULT: OBSERVED RESULT: REPRODUCTION RATE: 20%
  3. They could have gone for a reasonable pricing is what im arguing for. I'm all for plat alternatives as long as its within reason.
  4. Are you for reals? That pricing sorta makes sense for something like a necramech which is grind and resource intensive. But Railjacks cost peanuts to build. And it only takes a maximum of 3 days to complete. This seems unreasonably steep. Also before De Defense Force arrives. I already have a decked out ship since a long time ago.
  5. this topic had more content than the quest itself
  6. Did they play test this? How the fug did they think this screen diarrhea was tolerable?
  7. The higher rewards doesn't mean much right now when it's a coinflip on whether you keep them or not due to bugs...
  8. I'm beginning to believe the doom posters when they say. Insane/boring Grind = Just Buy Plat tenno.
  9. Well written. If people didn't archwing then. They won't like it now. Plus new players are turned off by unnecessary grind walls for old content.
  10. Its buggy and nerfed and it's clearly not finished. Its buggy and nerfed and it's clearly not finished. Its buggy and nerfed and it's clearly not finished. Send them out the 'update'. 'Sleeping In The Cold Below' is so mediocore, and I hate how much the comnunity is artificially pushing it popularity like it's the second 'We All Lift Together'. At least lift together makes sense and has soul. Also. No one likes the new drop location for Oberon and Ash, and DE persisted on thinking it was good idea. Contrary to it's playerbase actual experience.
  11. Switch here. Not sure if just on my end. The game in general seems to have suffered a fps dip, compared to pre tempest update. Also Oberon and Ash New Drop location is STILL. A Bad Change. Switch already has a lower playerbase compared to the other platforms, and new RJ isn't as favorably looked upon by the general populace.
  12. They barely or never address issues unless drama comes to it. Don't be surprised when after years of mediocre performance, people grown impatient.
  13. Basically they're being selective cowards, again.
  14. At some point I wonder how often DE actually listens to feedback. Assuming its not all cherry picking. Even the old vets can't be assed to assess this and the rest of the railjack flaws. And they're moving, and telling their own base to move on to other games.
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