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  1. Imagine a room the size of the Grand Hall. With all walls a different aquarium. Or a grand hall size room with a spiral stair case centrally and every level you go down is a different aquariums. However I do like the idea of having multiple small tanks that can be places around a room/rooms with minimal fish. Maybe smaller to medium and large fish of one type inside. Etc
  2. So I’m going through my dojo. Looking at what rooms to add and what to place and yet I feel that we’re missing something. Something that we can do on our Orbiters, having an aquarium/ multiple aquariums for every fish we can get or have caught to add into our Dojo’s. Id love for each member to be able to build their own aquarium in the Dojo with the fish they have caught, multiple rooms for each fish in the game with its each biome, giant rooms with at maximum 200 fish from one open world area each. Etc. Like when we go to the Zoo and you can walk through tunnels with fish all around yo
  3. (XBOX)Ukiyo Reaper


    Hi there, have a simple yet annoying issue in our dojo. One of our members placed the decorators Dojo colour changer so high in the ceiling that I think it’s bugged out that we can’t alter the colours of our dojo. We’re not able to go into decorative mode and move it. Any suggestions?
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