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  1. They added an option with Deimos Arcana thats supposed to do exactly what you are asking for. Its under the Display options, near the top.
  2. This bugs been in for as long as the reload-while-holstered mods have been around. I figured DE would have fixed it at some point, but I guess not.
  3. Apparently a lot of consoles are just broken in general on all versions. People are having Orb Vallis consoles break, making bounties impossible to complete.
  4. No fix for Necramechs second spawn and beyond having default health?
  5. 4 of the slots will likely disappear when we get Necramech archmelee anyway, so don't worry about melee.
  6. Only thing I have heard about Vallis is terminals being broken about 70% of the time.
  7. If you try to slide and force your way in, you can get inside fairly easily.
  8. No fix for transfering out of the mech near umbra resulting in loss of control until he either dies or you exit the mission. Camera returns to Umbra, but the AI remains in control. No fix for ammo regen rate being universal for all weapons in the mech, or for ammo mods doing nothing while in the mech.
  9. Being revived by other players will not restore the sentinel, you will need to die to bring it back.
  10. Larkspur is also passable right now. Mods that modify ammo capacity or recharge rate do nothing though.
  11. The ammo regeneration rate is also global, so if you though the Mausolon was bad, try it with the Phaedra or Imperator.
  12. The recharge speed for Necramech guns is the same for all guns, at about 5 rounds a second, and makes faster firing weapons like the Phaedra effectively useless unless you feel like waiting.
  13. Even when not fishing it feels like a lot of the Deimos mobs spawn "pre-alerted", this was happening while I was tracking animals, and stuff just starts taking potshots at me from hundreds of meters away.
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