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  1. Apparently the Veritux still snaps to enemies in Archwing, its just everything else that doesnt work, and DE hasn't given enough of a S#&$ to fix it.
  2. While the loss of accuracy isn't so bad as to cause you to fire sideways, you would probably get more out of Vigilante Armaments' 60% additional multishot.
  3. You can obtain objects, such as plants\ and oddities like Cephalon Fragments, by using either a codex scanner or a synthesis scanner. As for skins, all skins that are available for a warframe can be seen if you go into the appearance section, and click either the warframe skin section, or the helmet skin section, depending on which one you want.
  4. Unless today's update changed it, the Kuva Ayanga has nothing beyond the grey grenade itself. There's no tracer or anything. I haven't gotten the Chakkurr yet, so can't speak for that. And this is without potato mode.
  5. You would have to go to support and file a ticket, forum staff aren't able to help you.
  6. Ever since the beginning, parking the Railjack near the anomaly gives a small chance of them boarding the ship.
  7. Or you can continue to do nothing but complain on the forums for the rest of your life.
  8. Send in a ticket, forums wont help you.
  9. The thing tries to path through the mountains, and ends up getting stuck on a tiny rock, because it can't backtrack, and the rock has sides too steep for the idiot AI to navigate.
  10. After trying to fast travel from the forge to the bridge as soon as possible, I ended up getting dragged back to the forge, and the HUD disappeared.
  11. He wants a translation of the codex entry in the Chinese build, if it exists.
  12. No warframe ability affects Arbitration drones, nor does any projectile fired by any warframe ability.
  13. This has been present since the Sepfahn was introduced, and has been ignored by DE for just as long.
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