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  1. Arcanes do not seem to working properly when playing Sevagoth as a client. Arcanes that are equipped on both Sevagoth and his shadow, tend to stop working for Sevagoth sooner or later.
  2. Every time I attempt to swap polarities on Sevigoths Shadow, I get an error message stating that reconfiguration has failed.
  3. It doesn't seem like Orphix missions are balanced for solo play.
  4. Still no fix for Necramechs and and companions and probably everything else losing all mission completion affinity after completing a Railjack Defense?
  5. Still missing out on half my affinity earned for my necramech and companions when finishing a railjack mission because I don't get any mission completion affinity. Specifically noticed in Railjack Defense.
  6. Energy jets on the Nautilus wings and helmet still default to blue the second you leave the arsenal.
  7. It would seem that mission completion affinity gets lost after completing Railjack missions and returning to the Dojo. Had a Bonewidow ranked from 28 to 34 upon extraction, and the post-mission window said 38. Get back to my arsenal and its still 34. I believe this might also be occurring to the Plexis. On a side note, necramechs, their channeled weapon, and their archgun do not show up at all in the mission progress window.
  8. Dunno when this started, but I have noticed that if you use either transporters or the fast travel menu to change which floor you are on, the original floor will remain on the minimap.
  9. Changing energy color will temporarily render them properly, but upon leaving the arsenal they will return to blue, and stay that way.
  10. So for whatever reason, while attempting to dress up my crewmembers in the nice sigma armor pieces, I noticed something strange. Whenever I mouse over either the Sigma Series Leg Plate, or the Saturn Six Knee Plates next to it, it forcefully selects whatever is ABOVE it, in this case, the Right Prisma Edo Plates. Similarly, if I mouse over the Saturn Six Knee Plate, the Right Prisma Daedalus Knee Plates gets selected. This doesnt happen for the rightmost column. EDIT: This appears to be occurring when selecting the right arm slot as well. To be clear, this is happening to the right
  11. I still think Impact and Blast need to have their status effects swapped.
  12. DE has stated that instead of getting a duplicate you will get cred instead. Nevermind...
  13. That is the sheath over there on the right. Nowhere near where it should be, and facing the entirely wrong direction.
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