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  1. I know Castanas have a limit on how many can be deployed at a time. No amount of increased magazine size is going to let you deploy more.
  2. Only way to fix this is to go into the settings and adjust the HUD. Which then immediately breaks upon dual wielding again.
  3. This bug was around a while ago, I don't think it ever got addressed or fixed.
  4. This seems to happen to me when I have things like youtube or twitch playing in the background. The first time it happened to me a while back, closing down firefox completely would instantly fix it. Now, I have to restart Warframe as well whenever it occurs. I don't have Windows set to allow programs to take over audio devices, either.
  5. I would have been down for it disabling his body attachments and turning the scarf into a auxiliary attachment.
  6. The problem I have is sometimes I will literally run past them and the waypoint fails to show up for me.
  7. Not only is there a visual bug, it seems that any focus that's earned in a mission is lost upon completion.
  8. So I got a Lua Lens blueprint, turned it into a Madurai Lua Lens, and something appears to be wrong. Many somethings, in fact. First I noticed that, where the focus icon should be, instead we get some chevrons. Don't think these are supposed to be here. Meanwhile, in a mission, we get the same exact thing showing up, along with no mention of how much focus is in the appropriate school. And after killing a few enemies and obtaining some focus, it turns out that the focus is actually going somewhere completely different. These are all supposed to be lenses for the same exact school, as well as the second mission I have done with the lens equipped, and yet its just disappearing into the void. The earned and total focus values for this lens should not be the same.
  9. For a while there was an odd issue where having a Twitch stream open in FIrefox was causing Warframes volume to drop significantly when I opened Warframe AFTER I opened Twitch. Closing the tab with Twitch open would restore the full volume to Warframe. At some point, this stopped happening. This was all with my sound settings set to not adjust volume automatically. Maybe this issue is something similar.
  10. Rather than changing the mesh, would the simplest solution not be to simple use two of them? The base Zaw, with its everything turned invisible, and a fake "skin" that also held at the same time?
  11. Looks like Kavat armor is still ignoring energy colors.
  12. Theres a strange issue where pressing Fire during a melee animation causes the gun to discharge as soon as the animation is over. Also using the scroll wheel to fire while in melee mode still causes the trigger to get stuck.
  13. I notice that Film Grain is permanently present regardless of the fact that I have it turned off. This is giving me a headache. or a Mi-Grain if you will. Please fix this.
  14. Has the ground finisher for the Tatsu been fixed yet? Or do you just menace the ground near a downed enemy?
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