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  1. Dunno when this started occuring, but I distinctly remember having the option to toggle the prime details for Rhino Prime when the Rubedo skin was applied. The option is no longer present. Put this here because this is a UI thing, not an art or animation thing.
  2. You can also get it if you spend almost all of a large amount of platinum in a short amount of time.
  3. If stuff isn't spawning correctly you should probably also make a post about this in the bugs section.
  4. Theres a strange issue where pressing Fire during a melee animation causes the gun to discharge as soon as the animation is over. Also using the scroll wheel to fire while in melee mode still causes the trigger to get stuck.
  5. I notice that Film Grain is permanently present regardless of the fact that I have it turned off. This is giving me a headache. or a Mi-Grain if you will. Please fix this.
  6. If it used the combo counter to determine damage that would help it greatly, and would work well with Surging Dash or whatever the augment for SD is.
  7. 90% of steam games allow you to go into the properties and move the folder it is installed in to a different drive. Warframe does not allow you to do that. If you want it on a different drive, you will have the option when you install it. Alternatively, you can manually move the folder to the install destination, and then remove it from steam. Next you tell steam you want to install it in the folder its already in, and it will pick up the previous installation, but I do not recommend it because Steam handles it oddly, and you will still end up having to reinstall files.
  8. Unfortunately the Steam version does not have the "move to a different drive" option most games have. Possibly because of the way the cache is handled.
  9. Has the ground finisher for the Tatsu been fixed yet? Or do you just menace the ground near a downed enemy?
  10. Posted this in the bugs section, but using the scroll wheel to fire a weapon while I have my melee out "locks" the trigger for the weapon until I fire the weapon again, either with the scroll wheel or any other input, such as Mouse 1. This doesn't occur with any other sort of input that I have seen. Using Mouse 1 doesn't lock it up, only the scroll wheel. This has ruined my stealth run already, as trying to fire a quick shot to take down an enemy in the distance resulted in my spraying fire alerting everyone in the vicinity.
  11. Still no fix for the Perla skin breaking while dual-wielding? Or the stance of the Peracesis being disabled after a host migration?
  12. Looks like the Perla skin does not apply correctly while dual wielding. All I get is my secondary with the Perla skin stretched out over it, without the Perla model or sound effects. Once I picked up a excavator power core however, I stopped dual wielding, which fixed the bug. Of course, as soon as I drop or use it, the bug comes straight back. This doesn't seem to happen with the Nusku skin.
  13. Perla skin is still busted on the Pyrana Prime, and other weapons.
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