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  1. when i change the plasma energy color of the tenet grigori or the two-handed one it shows up properly when customizing but i as soon as i exit it, it reverts back to ultra blue plasma the elemental colors show up properly but the plasma reverts fix plz
  2. got it thanks a really stupid move to make my weapon less powerful got it i am going to have to look further into it so that i don't get anymore "surprises"(i was too busy grinding away to notice the implemented work incoming or in process)
  3. ok so i re rolled a arca plasmor riven mod 5 times to get arca plasmor ignidex with +76.8% status chance +83.8% heat, -28.4% ammo maximum the mod is maxed by the way and then when i put it on my weapon and when i view it before putting it on it says this +54.9% status chance +59.9% heat, -20.3% ammo maximum what is up with that !!!!!
  4. i thought it was me messing up and not getting the enough void traces but no i saved the video and looked back to see multiple times i have had 10 void traces to open the relic but i when we extract i can't choose a reward like as if i didn't open mine up and i am not the only one i have seen some people have 10 before we leave and there's like one or two reward pools missing so please fix
  5. the ferrox if i am not mistaken was leaked a long while ago of being 1 of the new lich weapons but i think it got replace by the flux i believe i will have to double check but other than that beautiful. and ironically enough i have been thinking about making a addition to the workshop a few things 2 being the gauntlet skins that look close to the ephemera wrist styles and was planning on making sparring versions so that i could wear them with baruuk so yeah looking forward to the update!!<3
  6. yeah i didn't do the abort option i went to necralisk by foot i always do so i don't loose anything thats where i saw the mission results that i had them but when i went to the son's wares they didn't register like they weren't there. and thanks your for the rest of the info very helpful !!
  7. i have earned the purple velocipod tag but it didn't register i have picture proof but a friend told me how to make a url for pics a while ago and i forgot how since i didn't do it at all this blows but i need the tags to register because i wont be able to get the helmith done if i don't have them
  8. same thing here Tay_TheBoe as well as when i complete all bonuses and get gold it doesn't give u the bonus reward its been more frequently to the point of every time now and being in the middle or when done when i am on my way back to fortuna it freezes it doesn't blue screen if it blue screens then reinstall it on a ur other form of storage like if its in ur system move it to external and vice versa if the opposite is true but for screen freezes with no blue screen then u and me r on the same boat and never gets out of its funk so i have to close app and loose the rewards and the most of the time that it unfreezes its because your in public with others and just now that got thrown out the window because it literally froze me outside of fortuna when i was going in and the other player had already made it through the door and who was waiting for extraction. lost 5 rewards and didn't get the bonus after i finish either the hot fixes fix one but break another i haven't even mentioned a glitch with a dual sword giltch with a skin it says i have it on but it doesn't transfer to the new appearance i don't know if it's the only one though! i just hope that the fix that comes in next takes care of everything if not most and the update on how to only access bait and lures for fishing give me the prompted button R1 to access bait menu but that is my melee button so all i do is swing, swing, swing, no matter what, got bait in my pocket but i can never get it out, can't ever catch rare ones for the nightwave, so start screaming WTF, so it stays there, so it stays there, so it stays there, no fish, no fish, no fish, cause all i want fish, fish, fish, so i can complete the nightwave weekly so i go ahead and farm for other thing hell yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaah, hell yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah, hell yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, so who ever with me put your hand in the air and say hell yeeeaaaah. Lmao i am no song writer and i used the "all i do is win" format hopefully it brings a smile to how ever reads it peace!
  9. wait what r u serious then i sure hope that the grendel moloch skin. (V2.1), Khora graxx, Technocyst nidus skin v2, kuther machete, dogma 2h nikana, and shiroku v2 balde of the lotus syandana make it on all platforms if not i desperately wish for kuther machete, dogma 2h nikana and gredel moloch skin to make it if they don't i honestly am going to be disappointed i have been eagerly waiting to buy as soon as it comes out it will suck if i don't get the chance!!
  10. Crubbak Dagger Skin 1.3 one of many probable skins i missed out on buying it because i was away from the game at the time. wondering if there is a recycle system in place to get a chance to get it if their isn't it would have advantages for the developers to make a little more, and for people whom weren't on when they were sold would at least get a second chance, re show case skins once a year or two seems reasonable and i am talking about workshop created, accepted, and sold skins.
  11. is this how certain skins can have a possibility of becoming part of the game is it the only way? i have had ideas and seen that there are a good amount of skins that i have come to love and most are made by individuals who play warframe i believe so is this how it comes to having a chance to possibly get a skin added?!
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