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  1. that would be way too broken especially now with primary/secondary conditon overload. it would be good against everything basically unless its dmg would be abyssmal. the hystrix already offers an insanely powerfull special property. a primary version would already be very good. having a weapon which basically has all 4 modes at once asks for a huge downside that would make it nigh unusable or it would just be power creep 5.0 in my opinion. the best bet would be a primary hystrix in my opinion.
  2. i dont know how u play the game but if this bothers u so much i really wonder how her crotch is ur focus on the screen. i dont even see what u talk about but that perspective is kinda yikes for general gameplay unless u keep staring at where no gentleman would stare like that.
  3. its not just the flow but also the why...WHY does this weapon have an alternate mode thats just a waste of ammo still. pls give the alternate fire purpose, like a forced procc of heat or slash for example, some more dmg.....anything that justifies its existence. if something has an alternate fire mode it should be offering an advantage over the primary fire or be at least as useful, just offering other benefits, maybe even with a downside if its much stronger, like some weapons have much slower fire rate with an AoE high dmg alt fire. right now its just a waste of ammo to use the alt fire. i know im late with this, but: on the flipside, why is tenet cycron just a tenet-kuva nukor and why is flux rifle an automatic ? we have tons of automatics. is it too much to ask for some kind of "new" interesting feature of these weapons ? we really didnt need another atomos 3.0 and i was also looking forward to tenet fluxy...but its an automatic...so no thanks....i hoped it was a "bug". also, maybe consider giving tenet tetra alt fire a slight buff. its straight up a worse stahlta overall. better late than never, yes yes.
  4. this. with the introduction of wisp and her reservoirs every other supportive frame with healing, mainly trinity and oberon since garuda is hardly used for that, has gotten yet another slap straight up into their face but even before especially trinity had only niche uses. trinity is a bless bot at this point and its nice to have her energy vamp but thats it. reservoires just offer so much more than her whole kit despite a 75% dmg reduction for everyone not being too bad. pure support frames just dont fit the game, especially nowadays considering the many ways to sustain independent of frame-choice.
  5. agree. even if the kit ended up having so high numbers it would be worth using her for dmg/tanking, it wouldnt be her kit being good and fun. for a frame considered a k-drive frame its way too easy to subsume merulina and use a better ability which makes up for it with additional CC or invisibility or whatever....something good. her abilities synergies especially whilst on merulina are way too minuscule to be relevant. a k-drive frame to me should have a focus on using k-drive, the movement and everything and gain a benefit off of it. right now its just an over-complicated dmg reduction without real purpose. aqua blades now deals fine dmg in an area around her so technically it could be subsumed onto a better melee frame and deal passive slash dmg on top of everything else. riptide also does some dmg and works fine with something like breach surge on a lot of enemies, but if its about nuking enemies it is one amongst many other abilities which can deal damage or group up enemies, just better - easiest examples would be vauban or nidus/subsumed larva in terms of grouping. i still think its way more worth it to take more time and develop good/interesting frames instead of releasing so frequently but having to buff and buff and buff and rework and buff. its the same as buying something very cheap but poor quality - he/she who buys too cheap buys twice.
  6. it doesnt matter because thats in the very distant past. the game is in a totally different state. arguing about what was years ago for a small time as if it was something that still applies makes hardly any sense when the competition and state of the game is very very very different. defend nyx's kit, block suggestions for improvement, whatever....i mean were suggesting to ruin her because shes so broken OP so ur totally right to defend her from us. /s i know right. i cant make sense of this logic either. but lets follow the mindset of blaming players: were just bad, we cant comprehend the insanity that is her kit so it is the "we" and not nyx... big yikes.
  7. sorry, but the only true comedy here is you saying nyx and ash are on the same level. i never said ash is top tier. its just that nyx is the absolute bottom so if ash is c tier to u then nyx is at least d tier. maybe u do that urself instead of coming up with responses that make no sense unless u didnt really read everything. good night.
  8. i hope this is a joke. if u really think that then i really wonder why i even started discussing here. i mean...a frame that can cause mass death without allowing the enemy to even answer it outside of nullies hardly compares to a frame that can stay alive a bit with CC and her 4 thats also a hindrance in quite many situations and has 2-3 arguably totally useless abilities at some point and a passive thats not better at all. explain to me how ash compares to that ? ash does not even need a weapon for the majority of the content. use nyx without a weapon in a game about mass slaughter. there are surely other frames which need a weapon, but they offer things, meaningful and good things to complement the loadout. nyx's one good ability still has downsides. it could be great and meaningfu, but the way it works its just not too relevant to be an argument since with other frames u can still melt enemies SP surv after an hour and more. chaos also could be great but as a pure CC ability its mostly a hindrance. if nyx was as good as u try to make her then why is there nothing where u could say "THIS is a job for nyx". there is no situation where u wouldnt be better off with another frame. i would even take yareli or hydroid over nyx right now. yes, yareli. we have plenty means to refill energy. its overrated even though nice to have. u have to remember though: wisp 1 overall does a better job healing allies, CCing and also speeding up than oberon and trinity and thats just her 1. its only her 1 that kinda makes oberon's and trinity's kit nearly irrelevant.
  9. sadly i have to disagree here. because Wisp. reservoires alone does a better job than trinity and oberon and thats just her 1.
  10. ash is in a better and more relevant spot than all of them and especially than who he was compared with for a long time: loki ash is no way close to the level at which u would say he could use a rework/update. his build options and access to invis are quite good and the damage and scaling of blade storm make him a great melee/invis frame. hes certainly in a better spot than all the frames u mentioned. the only buff i could think of would be a bit more duration on his invis since all it means is pressing the button more or less often and mana cost.
  11. and its absolutely meaningless due to how it works and is limited. we also melt lvl 300+ SP enemies and its more important to stay alive and group enemies up/keep killspeed up. theres no real argument to be made about it just because it can trivialize enemies defenses when we can delete them either way. its the same issue with her 4: why potentially drain ur own energy faster than u can blink when there are enough ways to survive independent of frame choice.
  12. there are a lot of frames in need of a rework right now, or at least a meaningful update and that has nothing to do with "player skill". excusing poorly aged frames/things and meaningless changes in the past by blaming players is the easiest way to make things worse as time goes by. ignoring standing issues doesnt solve them. i think instead of releasing new frames so very often some time should be invested to improve the poorly aged frames that are in dire need of help right now. valkyr getting a new deluxe would be a chance to help her too, just to name one other example.
  13. im not the worlds biggest wisp fan....but i wouldnt be surprised if we get a whole bunch of wisp skins this time because daym there are some nice ones.
  14. "[...]did it take[...]" not everyone plays to max out a simple number asap that tells exactly 0. so....after nearly 7 years MR23 without lvling MR fodder specifically. usually i only build what i want to try out for actual usage.
  15. true, thats why i meant dont bother below 1.0 because its so unrealiable and it should not be. u should at least know that u can reliably punch through 1 target no matter which it is and which angle. if its 2 then even better though i wouldnt use more than 1 punch through mod since its still too situational.
  16. doesnt matter which enemy...u just want enough punch through or nothing at all. below 1.0 is not even worth bothering since that will mostly only help against grineer shield dudes and some thin objects. as a rule of thumb u dont want it on explosives or bows which have an aoe effect like muta cernos or prob cernos so it should not be a question of against which enemy but rather on which weapon u dont want it.
  17. mathematically strange but maybe it has to be .51 to round up. it does round to the players disadvantage mostly so maybe thats why. well, in the end its not too big of a deal but still a bit strange.
  18. the UI should show 1.2 though but aside of that ur right, thats also my impression.
  19. UI rounds as per usual in math 0.45 -> 0.5 and 0.449 -> 0.4 the game uses the exact value though as far as i can tell.
  20. attica hopefully. make it an automatic proboscis cernos. i want attica prime to spread tentacles all over. grineer told me they like that a lot as their final moment.
  21. it also makes absolutely no sense. theres enough content (games) far more brutal than warframe on youtube that doesnt require any of these shenanigans. like OF COURSE i will give my ID and everything to youtube, NATURALLY ! if thats how it is then i wont watch any more content from the official warframe channel.
  22. yareli will hopefully be an instant rework. whatever it will be lets hope it will be more than a numbers tweak, i still think her design is a mess so tweaking only numbers is kinda yikes.
  23. so no yareli buff huh. well, helminth will enjoy his meal.
  24. ive been having this since a few days....on every lich/sister. no exception. real slap to finish them blind and grind for something i dont even want....
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