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  1. So, to give my 5 cents concerning our newest frame, yareli, i can also only say that shes underwhelming. The buffs shes received some hours ago are...nice, but the thing that bothers me most is that in my opinion her kit does not seem well designed for a k-drive frame right now, although that might be easy to solve. as a real tank, she doesnt have the proper tools, as a cc frame shes also too limited and as a dps....yea no. her one ability that has a good damage type, being aquablades, does not fit her kit at all since it requires her to go melee range when all the rest, aside of merulina, is more caster oriented. also...melee enemies, if they get an attack through.... also i see no reason for k-driving in missions when all i get is annoying movement and 75% dmg reduction. id rather ask helminth for something useful from another frame...so i cant really say i agree that shes the k-drive frame right now. so allow me some suggestions: i underlined what i think transfers my suggestions without my additional explanation of thought in case someone only wants to read the core. Passive: its nice, especially 200% now...but this has nothing to do with a k-drive frame or does it ? personally i would prefer this to be a permanent 50% and when yareli rides merulina it turns into a permanent 200% which remains for 2 seconds after merulina was deactivated, in whichever way. this way it would remain as it is, at its core, provide a generally fine passive of 50%, even if someone still subsumes merulina, but with merulina of course its an especially nice passive. this wont change much but its more like a flavor-change, making it a synergy-passive with merulina to fit the theme more. Sea Snares: it could have potential, if it wasnt so limited. another damage type is fine, although cold is not much better than impact. i would like to suggest a scaling with duration for the amount of bubbles released per cast to make it less of a spam fiesta and also allow them to affect multiple enemies in a small area instead of only 1 enemy per bubble, for example 1.5m area of affect, scaling with power range. this way it would be way more useful in a game with lots of enemies approaching players. damage type wouldnt be too important now since its mainly a cc tool and my suggestions below include synergy, making this less relevant alone. Merulina: allow k-drive modding for those who want it. merulina also grants yareli shield regeneration by a flat amount, scaling with power strenght and is improved by kills scored with Aquablades. kills with aquablades whilst merulina is active grant shield based on the enemys maximum health. a defensive tool, yet a bit different than the other ones we already have in the game. small, permanent aegis during merulina with an on-kill synergy with aquablades. Aquablades: this abilitys biggest flaw, in my opinion now is the limitation to melee/close range. the damage amount is okayish, considering it proccs slash too, but melee is just not great for yareli. when casting Sea Snares whilst Aquablades is active a small Aquablade is cast on every bubble which applies 33% of Aquablades damage to enemies affected by Sea Snares. When riding merulina aquablades regenerates a portion of merulinas health every second. when merulina is at maximum health 50% of the regeneration applies to yarelis shield regeneration granted by merulina. some useful regeneration for merulina but also some more shield regen for yareli. wont make her anything close to an inaros-ish tank but it will provide something on top of my suggested shield regen from merulina and the 75% dmg reduction. Riptide: casting Riptide whilst Aquablades is active will transfer the Aqublades over to the waterglobe of Riptide, damaging all enemies caught by Riptide with increased damage based on enemies caught in it. Cast cost is reduced by 25% of its current cost whilst riding merulina. a cheaper "ultimate" during merulina and a synergy using the great dmg type of Aquablades whilst also using the enemy-caught-scaling from Riptide and its pull. greetings
  2. the weapon is overpowered. period. when u release tons of weapons and some are just a 3.0 version of 2 others then u might think about tweaking/nerfing the shuttle so that its back on earth.
  3. my account is old and ofc i have put my age/birth date but there is far more critical content on the internet which pretty much anyone can freely view without any birth date confirmation, let alone what youtube now dares to ask for, the mentioned confirmation via passport/credit card. just hilarious.
  4. gaze secondary has always been amazing. pretty much a gem nobody cared about, sadly. new cycron might also be really good considering the base is usable already.
  5. there are tons of videos which inform about 18+ content....just check the mortal combat fatalities...thats sure as Hek far more brutal than warframe and u wont find any age confirmation shenanigans on any of these videos so i wonder where this comes from on a warframe video all of a sudden...
  6. my account is old too...thats hardly relevant. also, could u not call people by a dish ?
  7. why do u assume that im from the US ? i am not but i wonder why u would assume out of the blue. regarding the issue: ive never seen this and im actually shocked that youtube dares to do that.
  8. this. i actually didnt know youtube would do more than just inform about the content. now it really demands age confirmation via credit card or passport scan....imagine.....
  9. dont lose hope. zhuge prime might not stay on its throne...attica prime might turn out better, who knows. lets hope.....and then nagantaka prime comes around laughing.
  10. its weirder that u respond to a 1 year old comment. why a riven with -SD doesnt kill a melee riven and even some other rivens right now is much less of a mystery.
  11. So, ive been inactive for some time and missed some updates/fixes so no clue after which point these issues started to occur, but ive been on a bit during the last days and the open world maps so as their hub areas have some real performance issues, at least for me, and they didnt use to. Both with and without the new rendering tech i wanna add so its not the deferred renderings fault i suppose. It sure intensifies the issues but mainly because its a more demanding option. Since im someone who suspects his own system very fast i wanna note that its not. Latest drivers/windows installed...checked GPU drivers multiple times and wasted plenty of time in the end :( To finally name the issue: as soon as ambient effects, namely fog come closer to the player the game starts to stutter and the FPS drop accordingly. When fortuna was new i reported a similar issue with fog especially close to water. back then it didnt cause stutter but my GPU started to reach 100% load 24/7 and the fans turned turbine mode. no clue if its a similar issue technically but i suspect fog being the cause of the stuttering since i dont have any issues in regular missions and in areas without the afforementioned. speaking from a purely player point of view i have my experience with many games and i noticed very often fog/steam effects seem to be a real issue in terms of performance, either causing GPUs to go haywire or FPS to drop...or both. cant come to another conclusion based on my observation and i assume its a similar case here again, especially considering it already was in the past in warframe as mentioned above. Really hope theres a way to optimize it since its really difficult to play any open world map with these performance holes, especially deimos, and i dare say my PC is old but still not bad yet...it could manage them 70fps+ stable even with deferred rendering and that would be totally fine for me, but fps drops to below 30 are harsh to say the least, especially in combination with the stuttering making it feel way worse. Greetings
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