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  1. You guys are AWESOME I love you DE 🤙🏻🤙🏻
  2. YEEEES bro good points honestly I loved having a more hectic feel. Think about it, you’re in a single ship going deep into enemy lines. Shouldn’t be easy to come out on top. I agree it’s more fun the more repairs you have to get done, and that gives more reason to have a crew with you. With the addition of the command intrinsic, it’ll be easier for solo players like me to manage the multiple repairs. Bro I love talking to players about this game it’s so cool talking to so many like minded people with amazing ideas🤙🏻🤙🏻
  3. The intrinsic fo teleportation does take away distance no doubt. I just feel it would be more fun to add another gun. Honestly I really love the current state Railjack is in. Love the work the devs put in to make it as fun as it is.
  4. Railjack is my favorite content in the entire world of Warframe, there is only one thing that could be different if I could offer my idea. If you add a weapon slot to the rear facing window of the Railjack, it will open some possibilities. Right now, the only inconvenience (or time consuming) thing is being in a squad and having to stop piloting to go all the way back to the forge. Forging is not a problem, but if someone were to stay in the forge to constantly make flux energy, munitions, etc... they are less helpful to the team. If you put a weapon in the rear of the Railjack (that
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