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  1. Shedu Crita-ampidex +12.5 crit chance +4.1 ammo max +7.2 status chance -4.2 zoom Mr 15 Unrolled (Idk how to post pics)
  2. Im already rank 1 in red,suda,steel, and arbiters, the ideas working out great so far
  3. 1 TheMuseOfTime-Kyle 2 mr 4 (will be 10 some time in the next two weeks, i have numerous things at rank 30 already so i already qualify for 5 and prob 6, its just the 24 hr wait time thats stopping me) 3 NA 4 pc -86 hrs, have a couple hundred logged on xbox and ps4 5 I only recently got my pc, and with it im beginning to socialize more (no mic or anything on xbox or ps4), so im looking for a clan to try and improve with. And with how im playing, lvling every gun i have open to me before moving onto the next rank, a clan would ease that process, its more or less me collecti
  4. Sounds useful, so, no reason not to do it. Ty How would i juggle it though? Like what pattern?
  5. So, steel, red, arbiters, but wear sudas? How would this work?
  6. Already settled on the syndicates im working on. Steel meridian, cephalon suda, arbiters, i dont plan on buying frames guns or resources. Only slots and catalysts/reactors. And ya i know alot of frames are harder to get then their primes. I intend to play the game for a long time. Hence why im playing this way. Each weapon takes a while to lvl. So do frames. I work then play abit when i get home. Im in no rush and im fine with missing some content. Unless theres something i really want. In which case i could probably power through the system in a week tops
  7. Rn im on ceres, mars venus earth are done, just started archwing
  8. Oh also im actually farming prime stuff too, for later. I have half of ivara prime. Atlas. Mesa. Etc.
  9. I had actually bought the nidus starter pack and another 300 plat. I just had money laying around from tf 2 and csgo. I used that to buy loki volt and mag. I started with excaliber. I bought another 10 slots and as of rn I have 7 rank 30 primaries 5 rank 30 secondaries 4 rank 30 melees 5 rank 30 frames 2 sentinals and a dog
  10. Just got my first pc this month. Ive taken to getting every gun i can before ranking up my mastery. And im gonna get every warframe before i get primes. Any advice/ things to look out for to ease me into the game. Also how to use the market. Thatd be great to know too
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