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  1. Alright hey thanks for the advice dudes. I'm going to re-install and passively/casually play it here and there and then just eventually quit altogether when I finish the main quests. Thanks for the advice. [edit] nevermind lmao I'm deleting the game, thanks anyways.
  2. ( TL/DR at the bottom ) Yo. I'm a new player and after 2-2.5 weeks of on and off gameplay I've clocked in about 86.8 hours. I just finished the Second Dream quest, and I for the most part enjoyed it especially considering at least half of it was a considerable departure from the standard, "Receive orders via radio." sort of mission dialogue with some flavor thrown in. While the Operator reveal and it's customization options were quite disappointing, what disappointed me much more was after I completed the quest I looked at my Codex and saw the next requirements for the next major ques
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