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  1. Appreciated, exciting to finally see some tangible innovation on the drop system, especially given the intermittent trouble some of us had with the system up to now. I hope the system itself is very much improved, but if absolutely nothing else, at the very least we can expect to be able to manually confirm our own participation and track progress as opposed to crossing our fingers. 👏
  2. Speaking of fixing Deimos fish compatibility with aquariums, does anybody know where I could leave a suggestion? If not with DE themselves then to pick up traction within the community? We need more aquariums, we had too many fish to display BEFORE Deimos launched, and as I see it we already have two perfect candidate locations for conversion: The floor tank in the Helminth room (PERFECT for infested fish), and the plat option to convert the sitting space in front of the window in the personal quarters, similar to the vignette.
  3. Update: I've continued to fiddle with it and receive no drops... until two glyphs today after changing nothing since yesterday's stream that I got nothing for. What is happening? Why is it so broken and where are we supposed to turn for actual help?
  4. Maybe this is my problem, or at least part of it. Did not even realize the user list was a thing until you mentioned it the first time, got in just now and fiddled around for a second until I found it, discovered I was not in it, fiddled around with some other things and refreshed until I showed up. Maybe it was a fluke, but it was the refresh after disabling my adblocker that did it. We'll see if that helps make my drops more consistent, though I'm unsure why it would have been such a sporadic problem up to this point if that were the case, as opposed to consistently not working. At the very
  5. Had the stream up all afternoon, received nothing. Don't particularly care about the glyphs but considering I only got one part last week and didn't get anything today I'm not liking my CHANCES of landing the receiver rerun.
  6. I know it's pointless in all regards but I'm just going to throw my hat back in the ring with the others as having only received one of the four parts after watching all four streams, as stated near the lockout of the previous schedule thread. Additional detail: had already very recently relinked accounts due to issues claiming the twitch prime operator accessories. As jaded as I've become with the issue it is not my intent to be blameful, I'm just advocating for better support for these matters. I don't know whose side the problem is on, Twitch or DE or somewhere in between, but too often
  7. Failed drops would be less of an issue if support were equipped to handle them. Unfortunately as it stands if you submit a ticket on the issue you're likely looking at a 2~ week wait just to for the ticket to be autoresolved with a copy/pasted "We can't do anything" response.
  8. Watched all four streams, have only received the stock
  9. Just now realizing I have the same issue now that I've actually noticed they were blueprints, originally thought they were just parts and was waiting for the feverspine to go build it. Unfortunately it looks like they've already "fixed" it, and given their track record DE isn't going to bother fixing it anymore than they already have. I agree it should have been easy enough to write a script checking inventories for the "fake" blueprints to replace or add the functional variants, there HAS been precedence in that regard. Also, just re-obtained the few blueprints available today, and decided
  10. Finally heard back from support, just got a copy/paste "the forums is still the best avenue for your request and feedback" message without acknowledging the actual topic, when I even linked this thread to prove I'd also been through the forums, and the ticket marked as resolved. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, I really do, but with all the experiences I've read and how many tickets I've personally had come back as autoresolved with cookie cutter response, whether the response was actually applicable or not, I'm starting to get the impression that Zendesk hasn't had an actual huma
  11. Just had this problem myself. Bigger thread on the same issue here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1216763-stuck-while-fishing-in-deimos/
  12. Just had this problem myself. Bigger thread on the same issue here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1216763-stuck-while-fishing-in-deimos/
  13. Just happened to me as well. Prowling as Ivara, threw the spear THROUGH a fish and hit a carnis and locked up. Took some screenshots of my loot and started looking into how to submit a bug report just in case, hoping I'll get reinbursed. As a solo player, aborting an open world has always resulted in zero loot. Playing with a friend who recently got back into the game and insisted it worked, it always worked. Tried aborting to Necralisk, zero loot. Quit out of the game so I can pull a log file, then continue looking into how to submit it and THEN I discover this thread saying alt-f4 of all thi
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