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  1. I'll just wait for account merges to be a thing as I have the same email across my accounts and I have no idea if that complicates things or not.
  2. All of my accounts have the same email, and they could use some type of verification system idk what kind but I'm sure they will think of something.
  3. Alot of us are in the same boat, I know I'm hopeful for a merge.
  4. Will there be an option to merge accounts when cross play/save happens ? I have multiple with the same email. Also any plans to help those of use who cant do certain content without getting a migraine or seizure ? I have all the settings adjusted but its still a bit on the painful side.
  5. I think maybe there might be some kind of arrangement between Ballas and Era but I guess we will have to wait and see :) Either way I am enjoying the story progressing and theories regarding it :)
  6. Works for me.....think I'll go eat something now lol
  7. So cornbread with icing .... I cant turn down cake :)
  8. IDK about remote hacking but I find the hacking one from the Helminth to be very useful :) I have a really hard time with corpus hacking the colors or something throw me off so I use that ability for that purpose.
  9. Very helpful for new players and I'm not gonna complain since it is free :)
  10. I managed to log into my PS4 account even though the thing is no longer working I moved to Switch( poor thing barely runs from all the abuse its gotten from me and three kids) then PC all accounts have the same email so a Merge is really desired in my situation but there are multiple duplicate purchases with Prime Vaults and Access between them....I'm willing to give the duplicates up just for a merge since this is the account I'm primarily on PC now
  11. Yay free stuff I love the free stuff even the duplicates, I thank you very much for these items :)
  12. There are some corridors she just cannot go through while on Merulina, sometimes trying to go over an object knocks you off even if its small and yeah falling through tiny wholes while on Merulina happens ( i get a good chuckle at times)
  13. I'm curious to see all the neat stuff they create
  14. I use Dispensary on more than a few energy starving loadouts Gloom is situational depends on the frame and content that I am running....I'm mostly a solo player so yeah these two save my bacon on more than one occasion
  15. Sounds like they'll treat the plat issue like gifted plat or starter plat where it cant be traded.
  16. This is all I can find so far on it, as far as I can tell there is a few points of discussion there.
  17. Perfect news for me also.....same email on both accounts
  18. I hope they are taking notes at the brilliant ideas being posted :)
  19. She tends to get stuck alot when using Merulina
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