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  1. Here's what I think will happen. They'll try to push for a thursday release, but then they will announce there's some kind of major bug and how they're ironing out the big ones basically taking out any hope of thursday release. This will then push it out to friday. On friday, we'll start getting updates on the testing of final builds at around 11am. We'll get three or four on how the final builds should be one, then how it is unacceptable and new build tested again. By around 5pm we'll finally get the final build. And in a bad case scenario , they'll go late into friday and send everyone home and push it out saturday morning since it seems that doing all nighters was not a good idea last time they tried that.
  2. I say this whole first week will just be posted that they're a bunch of stuff that is still not right and we'll be told the update will be the week after. Then, I'm guessing tue or wed, we'll get an update saying it should be coming. A few posts later on how there is a final bug in the late hours for the final release. This will push it back a day. However, this is the more hopeful since the other one is basically a few delays and finally doing a friday release and a bunch of mini bug fixes throughout the weekend and then the true balances and big fixes on tue/wed of the third week. So yeah, I say we can expect it around the 8th or 9th.
  3. who doesn't? Those things cost plat, I'll take them if they're given out for free. I actually wouldn't mind getting the option to pick among riven or warframe slots, too.
  4. reasonable people: it's been years since it has been teased, what's another few hours or da - ME: Shut up! we want it now. HYPE HYPE HYPE! Umbra take me! my excal sacrifice is ready.
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