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  1. It's for the upcoming event, Dog Days. Pretty much "what if Warframe but summer fun?"
  2. Why is my girl Hildryn getting no Tennogen love? :(
  3. Thanks for "fixing" the Epitaph compatibility with Synth Charge. Yay. Well, back to using the Sporelacer...
  4. I thought the Xbox bug had been fixed since we got a Scintillant drop this last stream. Oh well...
  5. That's exactly what I was looking for, thank you! Hopefully they're both fun enough to use, they definetely are in concept
  6. I currently have both in the foundry, but since they're both automatics with a high crit chance AoE alt-fire, I would like to know which one is (or maybe just feels) better to use. Since they apparently only differ in magazine size, reload speed and ammo efficiency, with identical fire rate and similar damage, how differently do both of them behave in comparison?
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