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  1. 1 minute ago, Ver1dian said:

    Did the same and came to the realisation that the ones that need refarming by everyone, since no prime (Harrow, Nidus, Khora, Protea, Wisp...etc.) are the real pain. Everything else is just trivial and takes 1/10 of the time to farm.

    Don't get it twisted; I truly feel for those that have to go through Nidus and Harrow again. It's a fate I don't wish on anyone.

  2. I'm only going to say this once more: People are overlooking Revenant extremely hard. He can do and kill everything in Heart of Deimos, even T6 Bounties, by himself in seconds without firing a shot. While it's a bit shameful that he hasn't been fully realized by the majority, I'm kind of glad since he's my "the pugs are going to fail, so let's carry" Warframe. When I realized I can press one (1) button and almost insta-kill Necramechs, I laughed.


    (Edit was a spelling fix.)

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  3. 33 minutes ago, Paradoxity said:

    Are there any other rare mods like this one? Ya know, ones that are super expensive cos 'collectors value' or whatever it is? 

    I can't think of any off top-  and don't feel like going through the wiki to look, but if there are- man, I hope Baro starts bringing them, too. 

    Split Flights is technically one due to a very short time that it could be gotten through transmutation, but it isn't tradable as far as I know. I suppose, while not mods, the Arcane Helmet series is the last of the legacy items that are still in circulation via trade only.

  4. 25 minutes ago, GREF_TM said:

    Dunno, i think the only reason this mod sells at all right now is "OHMYGODITSPRIMEDCHAMBER", and as soon as people will cool off and realize that it's not something special anymore, good luck selling it for more than it's worth now.


    That's unless a single round sniper gets released at some point.

    That or when people realize they can reload manually.

  5. Limbo currently has the strongest CC, having litetally no limits to it except... stupid players. There's nothing worse than having a heavily Forma'd build, one that is SECOND TO NONE, be obstructed because someone thinks Limbo is bad so they keep breaking Stasis. There's seriously no Warframe that even remotely touches Limbo's ability to CC. Not even old Booben.


    Want to completely trivialize any and all content in the entire game, forever with endless scaling, that involves defending? If yes, be Limbo.


    Want to be frustrated by the fact that most specialized Limbos are built and experienced around defending and get their one and only intent destroyed because some kids don't want to learn how to roll or melee? Be Limbo.


    Hell, I roll Limbo in almost everything and often don't even use abilities. Getting called a troll with zero ability use and more melee kills than at least two other team mates conbined? Precious. So, so precious, especially in Sortie 3s. Limbo isn't the problem; players are.


    The bottom line is that this is the strongest Limbo has ever been and ever will be. If they allow Stasis to let allies shoot, I will eat my words and gift a Limbo to three random people.

  6. Unpopular opinion: I like Limbo's current form and it's the strongest he'll ever be. His CC is literally the strongest defensive one and is utterly unrivaled. There is not a single frame that can come even close to Limbo's CC.


    My Limbo has 88 seconds of Cataclysm and 80+ seconds for Stasis. I bring my Limbo out to utterly trivialize Rescue, Mobile Defense, Sortie Defense and extreme Defense and often end up carrying people or solo with only taking one or two hits. The only thing that stops Limbo from being godly are only two things: Nullifiers and ignorant team mates.

  7. Meh. Sonar Banshee is the one true build if you intend to step out of low levels. Sonar + augment is a disgustingly broken damage amp.


    The RQ build has always been for low tier players and farming. 😂

  8. The saddening problem of a newer system being added is the exact same one that the older Starcharts suffered from (even if 1.0 was my favorite version of it); population division. Too many nodes, not enough purpose, not enough people running them. Downsize imminent.


    They'd have to give reason to run both new and old content which is already hard as it is. 

  9. You're going to get in trouble for using the Megathread tag.


    As for the Guardians, they actually are affected by abilities. CC, specifically. Any immobilization CC makes the entire encounter into a joke. Excalibur's Radiant Blind and Rhino's Stomp, for example, stop the Guardians. Actually, the Stomp makes it possible to lockdown most of the map for 20+ seconds and has allowed me to solo Floods. Nova's Molecular Prime also affects them, as does Frost's chilling. Hydroid's Swarm doesn't, but I'm pretty sure Zephyr's Tornado does (much to the dismay to the squads I was part of during testing that).


    Endgame is CC, not damage. It always was and always will be.

  10. It's a bummer for the Xbox players, since they actually didn't get Arcane helmets at all, but they are never coming back. Too many "I like this effect, but I hate how this look!" (and that's what it ultimately was; don't fool yourselves into thinking fashionframe isn't the one true endgame /s). Certain Arcanes became, well, as standard as the Warframes they were placed on (which is why I'll always refer to my Trinity Prime as Toilet Seat Prime because of the Aura helmet) since they had a marginal advantage over those that didn't and it didn't make sense to not use them. While some were staples, there were some that were... hilariously bad, but had the look people supposedly wanted.


    As for Primed Chamber, they keep saying they'll find a way to circulate it back into the game, but that was, hmm... Nearly four years ago now? There have been six Primed Chambers given out since the event, making the total "official" count of Primed Chamber mods that were obtainable at 106. However, there was a bug for a short time that allowed transmutations into it, so there may be more out there and it's possible people actually got rid of them totally, making 106 possibly higher or lower than the total amount that actually exists today.

  11. 1) When I get Radiation proc, I stop shooting and cease ability use. There used to be a bug a very long time ago dealing with Trinity that, when proc'd, your Blessing would, er... actually give a map-wide immunity to enemies. I felt utterly terrible every time. (It was even worse when using nuke Warframes like Saryn or Excalibur [and especially him, since he ignored LoS back then]. Well, worse for allies.)


    2) I use Corrosive Projection. While this seems small, it's far stronger than any other aura in what it does.


    3) I like to bring support or CC Warframes into pubs. Nekros, Trinity/Prime, Nova/Prime, ect, ect, and even someone like Banshee (with that sweet Sonar build thanks to the Augment).

  12. Chroma's Effigy is better than Excalibur's Exalted Blade if for only one thing: Stun. Casting Effigy sends out an AoE stun with a pretty sick range and, coupled with Cold, functions as a double CC with that stun and the slowing. If you ever actually go into the late game, you should know CC > damage. The problem with Effigy, at that point, is actually with its health and not the energy use. Modding for Vex Armor and Elemental Ward (for Cold, at least) makes it to where Effigy is a CC primary and has a fairly long lasting life energy wise, just the health gets shredded in late game.


    As for Elemental Ward and Vex Armor itself, I do agree they need to be recastable.

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