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  1. Played sanctuary onslaught on ps4 for 15 min host migration lead to game not being able to load got kicked and received no reward whatsoever. Please fix stuff like this, would be nice if they gave rewards if you get kicked when its not your fault.
  2. I'd settle for just getting my mastery rank, reputation, operator experience and if possible daily login rewards. The rest can be acquired quite quickly and besides you do not need everything I think the main reason people want cross save is to play with their friends and still progress in the game having to start over completely is a deal breaker. Sure it would be nicer to get everything but it is obviously a conflict of interest.
  3. I really hope they do something here, at the very least a lite version having to start from scratch is excruciating. I'd settle for a cross-save where you only transfer non-trade-able currencies and items; MR; Standing; Operator XP . Getting the mods again is a hard blow but I would do it probably buy it for money since I don't have to time to grind them but I would do it but I'll never ever do it if I have to start from scratch NO WAY. As it stands I guess I'll never be playing with my PC friends but it is what it is.
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