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  1. Since Update 30: Call of the Tempestarii, I have encountered various crashes which result in the game crashing my Xbox. This is a breakdown of all the different crashes I've had over time: Freeroam Areas: Cetus - No issues as of yet (I tend not to venture into Cetus or the plains often) Fortuna - Orb Vallis mining has caused crashes, general freeroaming also caused crashes. A fix that can sometimes prevent the game from crashing is by accepting a bounty from Eudico before stepping out of the elevator The Necralisk - Crashes no matter what; without even reaching the gate to enter the Cambion Drift. Cambion Drift crashes after a few moments. Sevagoth: There was an issue with Sevagoth's passive that caused crashes, which was later noted in the patch notes as fixed, so I'm not sure whether this is still an issue. Jupiter: Every Jupiter mission causes the game to freeze and crash within 60 seconds Random Crashes: Crashes still randomly happen from time to time, not sure what's causing them Hope this helps! :)
  2. Every time I try to play a mission in Jupiter, whether solo or in a squad, the game crashes the Xbox One X console after about 30 seconds. This is an issue for multiple reasons, mostly because I need Neural Sensors and am unable to obtain them.
  3. Yes, I've been playing solo and in squads, it doesn't make any difference, give it five minutes in any freeroam area and the buzzing happens followed by the One X completely shutting down. I'm now also experiencing this issue whenever I try to play a Jupiter mission, solo or in squad, meaning for the moment I am now unable to obtain neural sensors...
  4. Every time the game crashes my Xbox shuts down. This game is slowly becoming completely unplayable, I have to play solo to not crash, it's getting more unstable day by day...
  5. In all three of the freeroam areas, Plains of Eidolon, the Orb Vallis, as well as Cambion Drift, I'm constantly experiencing console shut downs whenever I try to do anything.
  6. I've had several instances where the console just shuts down for no reason, I can't mine in the Orb Vallis, I can't even enter the Cambion Drift, I can't run public games due to Sevagoth crashing my game (not sure whether this is due to the error with Sevagoth's Passive that DE said they fixed) and more. It's so frustrating...
  7. Bug Type: In-Game Description: While attempting to mine ore in the Orb Vallis with the Sunpoint Plasma Drill, the console crashes and shuts itself down. I have done this four times and can confirm it happens every time. Reproduction: Into Orb Vallis, mine ore with the Sunpoint Plasma Drill, about halfway round the ring the game causes the Xbox to crash and shut down Expected Result: I should have been able to mine the ore. Observed Result: The game caused the console to shut itself down Rate: It happens every time.
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