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  1. The problem is that you're not being realistic. From Unreal to WarPath, this is a developer that has experience making fun, quality PvP games. You don't have to have a clue, because DE already does.
  2. Yeah, reassuring him that his problem is common and happens all the time is really going to reel him back in.
  3. ... blue-ish tint? Unacceptable. I'm canceling my pre-order right now.
  4. You really don't see the difference between RuFi0's list and your own? Baring obvious balance passes like Snowglobe, you REALLY don't see the difference between bugs/exploitative behavour and Warframe abilities? You're really going to say, "if someone doesn't like fighting unarmed enemies, then loki should be nerfed?" This thread is bait.
  5. People forgetting about the times they've made releases at 2 in the morning *their time* is funny.
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