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  1. Applying a cap on Condition Overload is bad. If your cell is creative enough to apply thirteen status effects, they should get the damage. I like the idea of fixed reach. I like seeing a reach statistic (in meters) in the arsenal. And I like having a reason to equip Spring-Loaded Blade. These reach changes and additional smoothness should help poor Gunsen: previously noted for its best-in-class whiffing and animation locks. Seriously, if you want to stress test your new melee system, use Gunsen with Slicing Feathers.
  2. Please update the online drop tables.
  3. The Mecha set marks an enemy with a token above their head. But you can't see a marked enemy through walls or behind you. Please mark the enemy with a HUD diamond like for enemies in submersible missions or friends in landscape missions. Make it an interface option, and default it to off. This will not affect damage because Mecha only works against hardy enemies. The mechanic is still free to randomly mark a weak enemy. And damage is further limited by the cooldown. I'm asking for the option to be defaulted to off to prevent grief. I have a specialized status build to take advantage of Mecha. And the current issue is I can't use Mecha as often as it procs. If the option defaulted to on, random people would kill the marked enemy and waste the proc which recreates the same basic problem with a different mechanic. I considered asking for a map option. But the map won't show elevation as clearly as the HUD. And I think the archwing diamonds work better than waypoints for showing hidden enemies.
  4. Apollo/Lua is miserable. Once every four public matches one person joins me to stay for one round. That means I have to solo twelve defenses for a 10% chance at a Lua Lens. All the current setup proves is you have reliable friends and can complete rounds quickly, or that you're crazy. It's like the Hema farm but without cats. Remove the matchmaking cap for Apollo so people can join in any round. Give people another reason to come to Apollo. I'm sure there is some trend in the replies above. Move the BP to free roam where public matches are full. Move the BP to the market and adjust the somatic fiber drop rate. Move the BP to a Disruption alert.
  5. Your personal attack is irrelevant not the least of which because I have politely and formally reacted to a product as a basis for improvement and kept it simple and backed it up. There's a lot of nonsense that has (and will) appear in this thread. It has nothing to do with the simple and limited request that I've made: move air support charges to gear. When I'm looking to resupply my gear items, I want to see them all in one place. Conversely, if I'm looking to craft parts, I have no need to see air support charges.
  6. I am not implying that every consumable gear item should be moved into gear. I'm specifically arguing that air support charges should be moved into gear. Let's say I'm refreshing my gear inventory. I'm suggesting that it makes sense to look in one spot rather than two. If I'm looking for gear items, why would I check Landing Craft? If I'm looking for keys, I know where to look.
  7. It is a consumable gear item just like every other item in Gear. Every other item in Landing Craft is a landing craft component. It is in the wrong place.
  8. Please move Air Support Charges to the Gear category in the Foundry.
  9. 1900295 large panels clipping into gas city hall
  10. #1901244 Stone clipping into Corpus vault air duct. #1898865
  11. I cannot select an Umbra Forma for rank 30 melee weapons. This should work because of Sacrificial Pressure and Sacrificial Steel. I can still select Umbra Forma for warframes.
  12. I wish the Proton set would activate off of "flings" from Update 16: where you grab the wall for a fraction of second and could hurl yourself across chasms. You can see examples of the flings I'm talking about in this old video at 0:18, 0:52, and 1:02. Flings would be amazing for Proton Snap and Proton Jet. And, for Proton Pulse, it would be nice to have an even shot of jumping through a doorway. Now, I have to jump above the door to activate Pulse. And I lose my buff as soon as I touch the ground. By the time any of the current Proton mechanics activate, any competent team has already killed the enemy or crossed the distance. But if the Proton set used flings, I could be ahead of the pack with a temporary buff on my primary, melee, and damage resistance: everything I need.
  13. My ability strength, efficiency, and duration were missing when I transferred from archwing to the ground on the Plains of Eidolon in Hotfix 25.7.5. Specifically, I melee swung out of archwing and immediately cast a rescue Blessing. I noticed my damage resistance was only 50%. Looking in the menu, my efficiency and duration were also incorrect. Those stats persisted until I entered and exited archwing again: withholding any casts for a few seconds. My ping was 230ms+. The issue appears to be related to the ping and the immediate cast while cycling to the ground.
  14. I was at Mount Nang, and a drone got stuck here.
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